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Pajanimals 15" Plush CowBella Features

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    • Meet CowBella:

      Theatrical, creative, emotional and bossy, CowBella is a purple and white cow that loves all things pink and princessy. Like lots of little girls, she has a vivid imagination and loves to play dress-up. She is also prone to emotional drama, and often gets lost in a cloud of big feelings. Her solution to all problems is to imagine them away, but sometimes her imagination takes her to dark places.

    • Plush Character:

      15" Premium plush character

    • Jim Henson Studios:

      Inspired by the Jim Henson program "Pajanimals" as seen on PBS Sprout

    • Collect Them All:

      Collect all of your Pajanimals bedtime friends: Apollo, CowBella, Squacky and Sweetpea Sue (each character sold separately)


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