Dyson Canada - DC35 Multi Floor Product Demo

DC35 Multi Floor Intro

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DC35 Multi Floor Features

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    • Dual Power Mode:

      15 minutes of high constant suction for regular cleaning, (13 minutes with the motorized floor tool attachment), or 6 minutes on MAX power for more difficult tasks.

    • Docking Station:

      Recharges and stores the machine and attachments when not in use.


    • Stair Cleaning:

      Motorized brush bar can be attached directly to machine for cleaning stairs.


    • Detachable long-reach wand:

      Lightweight aluminium wand reaches up high, down low and into awkward gaps for cleaning hard-to-reach areas conveniently.

    • Cleaner head pivots for easier steering:

      Articulates 180° without losing contact with the floor. No more awkward movements to steer around furniture and obstacles.


    • Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brush:

      Stiff nylon bristles spin up to 1,500 rpm to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Velour bumper on the front of the floor tool protects furniture and walls from bumps and bruises.


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    • Root Cyclone™ technology:

      Powerful centrifugal forces spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin with no loss of suction.


    • Dyson digital motor:

      The fastest, most power-efficient motor ever developed for a cordless vacuum cleaner. Up to three times faster than conventional motors.


    • Fade free 22.2V lithium-ion battery:

      Doesn’t fade during use, so power stays strong as you clean. Recharges up to three times faster than others.


    • Hygienic bin emptying:

      Just push the button to release the dirt. The clear bin lets you see when it needs emptying.



DC35 Multi Floor 360/Zoom

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DC35 Multi Floor Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Patented cyclone technology
      For no loss of suction

    • Root Cyclone™ technology

  • Specification 2

    • Suction power
      Air Watts (constant)

    • 64AW at end of wand in max mode or
      28AW at end of wand in standard mode

  • Specification 3

    • Filter

    • Washable filter

  • Specification 4

    • Cleaner head/ floor tool
      What is used to vacuum the floor

    • Motorized brush bar with carbon fibre brushes

  • Specification 5

    • Bin capacity

    • 0.35/ 0.09

  • Specification 6

    • Tools / accessories
      What's included in the box

    • Motorized brush bar
      Combination tool
      Crevice tool
      Storage / Charging dock

  • Specification 7

    • Dimensions

    • 1120mm/ 44.09in
      230mm/ 9.06in
      300mm/ 11.81in

  • Specification 8

    • Weight

    • 2.23 kg/ 4.90lbs

  • Specification 9

    • Wand length

    • 0.7 m/ 2.3 ft


DC35 Multi Floor Long Copy

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DC35 Multi Floor Long Copy Cont.

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