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Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch Intro

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Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch Features

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    • Green View:

      Approach S3 shows you the true shape and layout of greens so even if you have an obstructed view, you’ll know where to aim. Plus, you can touch and drag the pin to the day's location.

    • Layup Distances:

      Course management is key — especially if you haven’t played a course before. Layup distances shows you the distances you need with yardages to doglegs and other hazards on the course.

    • Precise Yardages:

      Once glance at your wrist from any point on the course is all it takes to get yardages to the front, back and middle of greens with clear, easy-to-read numbering.

    • Measure Shot Distances:

      When you drop the boom stick on a drive, seeing how far you hit it is a breeze. Approach S3 calculates exact yardages for shots played anywhere on the course.

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    • No Downloads, No Setup:

      Say goodbye to subscriptions and fees — Approach S3 comes preloaded with tens of thousands of courses and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

    • Glove-Friendly, High-Resolution Touch Screen:

      The high-resolution display of the S3 has eight-times more pixels than the S1. This added detail offers the capability for more advanced features, such as score keeping for stroke play or Stableford. The screen has high reflectivity that enhances brightness with sunlight so that you can read it anywhere.


Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch Zoom

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Garmin Approach S3 GPS Watch Specs

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