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Margaritaville® Mixed Drink Maker Features

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    • Restaurant Quality Frozen Drinks:

      The secret to the great frozen drinks from Margaritaville is the shaved ice blended with your favorite ingredients.

    • Make Perfect Drinks:

      Start by filling up the first tank with the liquor of your choice (vodka, rum or tequila). Then add the mixers cranberry juice, orange juice and sour mix.

    • Digital Display:

      The digital display shows each drink recipe. Just turn the center wheel to find your favorite.

    • I Feel Lucky:

      Pour some fun into any party with a push of the “I Feel Lucky” button. Watch the display spin as it randomly chooses a drink for you. Don’t like the drink? Spin again!

    • Drink Strength:

      Kick the strength of your drinks up a notch by adding an additional ounce of alcohol with the simple click of the “Drink Strength” switch.

    • Easy to Clean:

      Make cleaning a breeze. Inside, the drink basin and drink chute are dishwasher safe and all other parts are built to be easily washed by hand.


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