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Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool Video

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Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool Features

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    • The only turbine tool that doesn't tangle:

      Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery. There's no brush bar for hair to wrap around.

    • More inside the bin:

      The air inlets are sculpted to ensure air flowing through the tool strips hair from the bristles and directs it into the bin. The Dyson tangle-free Turbine tool releases more hair straight into the bin than any other turbine tool.

    • Constant contact on uneven surfaces:

      Counter-rotating flexible heads bend to maintain contact across uneven surfaces. The articulating base plate seals the area being cleaned for maximum pick-up on carpets or upholstery.

    • Edge-to edge coverage:

      The heads are positioned so the brushes reach to the front and sides of the tool, drawing in hair and dirt from all directions. The tool reaches right up to the edges of stairs and upholstery.

    • Clean air turbine:

      Positioned at the top of the tool to guarantee continuous airflow to drive the heads and provide no loss of suction.


Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool Gallery

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Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool Specifications

  • Specification 1

    • Warranty

    • 1 year

  • Specification 2

    • Product height

    • 4.5"

  • Specification 3

    • Product Width

    • 4.9"

  • Specification 4

    • Product depth

    • 5.3"

  • Specification 5

    • Product weight

    • 8.5 oz

  • Specification 6

    • Compatability

    • Fits all Dyson models from DC23 onwards, excluding DC24 and cordless models.

  • Specification 7

    • Color

    • Iron/Clear/Purple


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