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Siemens ecoExclusive Washing Machines Features

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    • Energy efficiency:

      The ecoExclusive range of Siemens washing machines carry the EU energy label, which categorises them to the highest class according to its energy efficiency- A+++. They automatically adapt the wash time and energy consumption to the amount of landry. Sensors weigh the laundry in the drum and the smaller the wash load, the less energy and water used.


    • anti-vibration design:

      The antiVibration Design of the new sidewalls help stabilise the washing machine for a noticeable reduction in vibrations. The automatic stabilisation system has highly sensitive sensors that detect even the smallest vibrations and work directly to optimise spinning behavior and compensate every imbalance, no matter how slight. Together, they make the new washing machine extremely quiet even at the highest spin speeds.

    • waterPerfect:

      It can’t do “too much” or “too little” – it only knows “just right.” waterPerfect from Siemens: the intelligent water management system. The right amount of water for every situation: a feat only the new waterPerfect model with intelligent water management system can accomplish. Thanks to its sophisticated 3D sensors, the new washing machine from Siemens uses the optimal amount of water for every cycle and every load.

      *42 litres for standard wash cycle: hot water, 60°C, Eco setting.

    • varioPerfect:

      Perfect laundry done quickly, or with maximum energy efficiency? With the new varioPerfect technology, it’s your choice. You can activate either function for any standard or special wash cycle except for wool/hand wash and super15.

    • selfCleaning detergent drawer:

      Jet-sprays in each corner of the drawer automatically flush the detergent chambers clean, so no sludgy residue is left in the drawer, saving you from the annoying chore of removing it. 

    • reload Function:

      Allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove laundry. For example a dropped sock, or a red garment in a white wash.

    • waveDrum:

      Advanced textile care
      The “wave” drop-design drum means just the right amount of gentle textile agitation for a perfect wash. In addition, the optimised paddle and drum design makes for precise textile movement, constant water flow and equal detergent distribution for perfect results every time.


Siemens ecoExclusive Washing Machines Video

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Siemens ecoExclusive Washing Machines Compare

  WM14Q46SGC WM14Q468GC / WM12Q468GC WM12Q460GC / WM12Q468GC
Capacity 8kg 8kg 7kg
Spin speed 1400rpm 1400rpm / 1200rpm 1200rpm / 1000rpm
Energy efficiency class A+++ A+++ A+++
antiVibration design Yes Yes Yes
waterPerfect Yes Yes Yes
varioPerfect Yes Yes Yes
selfCleaning detergent drawer Yes Yes Yes
Reload function Yes Yes Yes
waveDrum Yes Yes Yes
Special programmes Easy-care plus, lingerie, outdoor, shirts, rapid15 min, quick wash/mixture, gentle spin, cold, standard cold - 40°C Easy-care plus, lingerie, outdoor, shirts, rapid15 min, quick wash/mixture, gentle spin, cold, standard cold - 40°C Easy-care plus, lingerie, outdoor, shirts, rapid15 min, quick wash/mixture, gentle spin, cold, standard cold - 40°C


Siemens ecoExclusive Washing Machines Recommendations

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    • Siemens Dryers:

      - A world’s first! Uses only air where others use water:airCondensation technology

      - Continuous automatic cleaning for constant energy efficiency: selfCleaning condenser

      - Ensures permanent airflow and drying at lower temperatures: activeAir 


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