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Cooling Intro

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Cooling Features

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    • hydroFresh:

      The hydroFresh vegetable drawer keeps vegetables, salad and fruit fresh for twice as long*. By manually controlling the internal humidity, the hydroFresh compartment keeps food from drying out, thus preserving precious vitamins, and keeping it crisp, flavoursome and more nutritious for longer. And of course, because it doesn’t spoil as quickly, you end up throwing much less away.
      *Compared with a standard frost free fridge compartment.

    • coolBox:

      The coolBox is an extra cool fridge drawer where the temperature is maintained at 1-4ºC below the rest of the fridge compartment. It’s the ideal home for fish, meat, cold cuts, poultry and beverages, and at a fridge setting of 4ºC, the coolBox keeps food fresh for twice as long*. Temperature-controlled airflow within the coolBox ensures a uniform temperature, and means faster cooling of the contents – great for cold drinks on a hot day.
      *Compared with a standard frost free fridge compartment

    • noFrost:

      With noFrost technology you never need to defrost. There is virtually no ice on the walls of the freezer so that the system helps to continuously maintain low energy consumption.

    • Anti-spill safety glass shelving:

      Accidents will happen. That’s why our shelves have been designed to handle up to three quarters of a pint at least
      of spillage, without overflowing onto the area below.

    • Humidity control panel:

      The humidity control panel is found on most of our cooling appliances. This clever piece of technology alters the
      humidity of the vegetable compartment to optimise the appearance and preservation of the food.

    • Removable magnetic door seals:

      To make the door seals easy to clean or replace, we’ve made them magnetic. You simply pull the seal away from
      the inner door lining, give everything a good clean and then put it back. It really is that simple.


Cooling Video

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Cooling Compare

Energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+  
noFrost Yes Yes Yes Yes
coolBox Yes Yes Yes No
Hydro Fresh Box Yes No Yes No
superCool Yes Yes Yes Yes
easyLift Yes No Yes No
Control Indoor touch control electronic with digital LCD display LED electronic control Indoor touch control electronic with digital LCD display Twin LED electronic control


Cooling Recommendations

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    • Siemens Side by Side fridges and freezers:

      Siemens side by side refrigerators offer plenty of storage space for big families.

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    • Siemens built-in cooling:

      The range of Siemens built-in fridges combines performance, luxury and energy efficiency into a premium cooling concept.


Cooling Energy Efficiency

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