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Eureka Dualis Intro

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Eureka Dualis Features

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    • Patent-Pending Technology:

      Dualis sleeping pads provides home mattress-like comfort while camping. Dualis technology creates a dual-chamber sleeping pad, combining the cushioning and warmth of a self-inflating foam mattress with the comfort and compactability of an air tube mattress. The bottom chamber is comprised of open cell polyurethane foam, just like a self-inflating pad. The top chamber is a separate air tube mattress. Each chamber has its own valve for independent inflation and control.

    • Self-Inflating Foam Chamber Construction:

      A robust anti-slip bottom fabric keeps the mattress in place while you sleep. The lower, self-inflating foam chamber is constructed of durable, open cell polyurethane foam surrounded by an airtight TPU film lamination.

    • Air Tube Chamber Construction:

      The top fabric is designed to feel like your bed sheets at home, while also keeping your sleeping bag in place during the night. The top air tube chamber is comprised of separate interconnected air tubes just like an air mattress. It utilizes a soft-touch anti-slip fabric laminated to an airtight TPU film.

    • Insulation Keeps You Warm:

      The synergy between Dualis Technology's two chambers effectively insulates you from the cold ground. A measure of insulating ability, with higher numbers indicating greater warmth, R-Value testing shows the regular size has an R-Value of 3.7 and the thicker foam of the large size provides an R-Value of 5.7.

    • Cushions Pressure Points:

      In traditional air mattresses and self-inflating pads, they typically "bottom-out" at your pressure points. The synergy between Dualis Technology's two chambers effectively cushions your pressure points and supports your body, thus providing home mattress-like comfort.

    • Conforms to the Body:

      Air mattresses are comfortable because they easily conform to the body's curves, unlike a self-inflating foam pad. The synergy between Dualis Technology's two chambers conform and support your body providing home mattress-like comfort.

    • Home Mattress-Like Comfort:

      Do you sleep on your side or stomach? The synergy between Dualis Technology's two chambers supports your body enabling you to comfortably sleep on your side or stomach, just like at home.

    • Customizable Support:

      Do you prefer a firm or soft mattress? On each Dualis sleeping mattress there are two valves, one for the self-inflating foam chamber and the other for the air tube chamber. Thus, the inflation pressure for each chamber can be independently controlled so you can achieve the degree of support you need for a good night's rest.

    • Regular Size is Best for Backpacking:

      The Dualis regular sized mattress measures 72" long by 20" wide, and when inflated measures a plush 4" thick. It weighs only 2lbs 14oz and compresses to a 23" by 5" compact size. This mattress is perfect for those backpackers valuing comfort and a good night's sleep while on the trail.

    • Large Size is Best for Car Camping and Basecamps:

      A lavish 4.8" thick when inflated, the Dualis Large mattress measures 78" long by 25" wide. It weighs only 4lbs 14oz, and when rolled for transport, it measures 27" by 6". This mattress is so comfortable, you will start using it at home!


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Eureka Dualis Specs

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Eureka Dualis Instructions & Warranty

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    • Instructions and Warranty for the Eureka! Dualis ST Sleeping Pad

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    • To Inflate:

      1. Open both air valves. Air will automatically pull in through the valve on the self-inflating bottom chamber (black side).

      2. Blow through the small valve to inflate the top air tube chambers (green side). Close this valve immediately to retain pressure. The tubes inflate to approximately 7 cm / 3 inches high. Typically 9-11 breaths are needed on regular sized mat, and 12-16 breaths on large sized mat.

      3. Close the valve to bottom chamber, or blow to increase pressure for more cushioning.


      a. It is much easier to blow/inflate the air tubes when self-inflating valve is open.

      b. If self-inflation seems slow, shake the pad a bit to redistribute the air inside.

  • Specification 3

    • To Deflate:

      1. Open both valves to let air escape from the top and bottom chambers.

      2. Roll the pad towards the valves. Push with your hand to help move air in the tubes towards the valve.

      3. When completely rolled, close both valves. If you wish a more compact size unroll and roll again, opening both valves to only let residual air escape.

  • Specification 4

    • To Store:

      • Make sure the pad is clean and dry before storing.
      • Store the pad flat with both valves open. Under a bed or couch is a good place. The pad will inflate faster and fuller if stored flat and unrolled.
  • Specification 5

    • To Clean:

      Never place the pad in a washing machine. Fill the pad with air. Wash it with water, a soft bristle brush and a mild household cleaner such as liquid dish washing detergent. In a bathtub or outside with a hose works well. Hang pad to dry thoroughly before storage.

  • Specification 6

    • To Preserve the Pad:

      • Protect the pad fro sharp rocks / twigs. Clear the area and layout a ground cloth unless using a tent.
      • Protect it from flame or sparks.
      • Protect it from chemicals, suncreen, insect repellent, and chlorine.
      • Protect it from a pet's claws or teeth.
      • Do not leave the inflated pad in a closed vehicle in the hot sun.
      • Do not leave the pad in direct sunlight for long periods as UV rays will degrade the fabric.
      • Do not leave the pad rolled for season long storage.
      • Do not use the pad as a flotation device.
  • Specification 7

    • To Repair Pad Leaks:

      • Find the leak! Inflate the pad and submerge it under water. Press on the pad and look for a steady stream of bubbles. Mark the leak with chalk or crayon. Do this in folded sections if you can't contain the entire pad in water.
      • Thoroughly dry the pad. Paint the leak with a sealer such as Seam Grip® or Aquaseal®. Allow to cure for about 3 hours.
      • If you find a slice or tear, you will need to patch and seal it. Use the sealer along with the included fabric patch to effect a repair.
      • Once the repair is completed, place some weight on the pad and test it overnight.
  • Specification 8


      What is Covered:

      Johnson Outdoors Gear LLC Warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, for the life of the product, except as qualified below. The life of the product is determined from the date of purchase until such time as the product is no longer serviceable due to normal wear and tear.

      What is Not Covered:

      Johnson Outdoors Gear LLC shall not be responsible for the natural breakdown of materials that occurs inevitably with extended use(e.g. Ultra Violet (UV) light damage on sleeping pads), or defects caused by accident, abuse, alteration, animal attack, storm damage, misuse or improper care / storage.


      Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the previous statement may not apply to you.

      What We Will Do:

      At our option we will either repair or replace without charge any part of the product that is not free from defect in material or workmanship.

      How to Obtain Warranty Service:

      Contact our Customer Service Department: toll free 1-800-572-8822. Direct Shipments without speaking to a customer service representative by law cannot be accepted.

      How State Law Relates to this Warranty:

      This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state.


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