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GumDrop Starter Set Features

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    • Complete Starter Set:

      The GumDrop Slim Bottle has the same nipple as the GumDrop Pacifier and the slim design makes it easy for baby to hold on to. GumDrop bottles feature a slim neck design and include a leak-resistant travel cap. The 100% silicone nipple is the same nipple as the GumDrop pacifier.

    • Slim Design Bottles:

      Includes two 8 oz. and three 4 oz. Bottles

    • Replacement Nipples:

      Includes 2 GumDrop Replacement Nipples

    • Newborn Pacifiers:

      Includes 2 GumDrop Newborn Pacifiers

    • Pacifier Wipes:

      Includes one package GumDrop Pacifier Wipes, 40 ct.


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GumDrop Starter Set Specs

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    • Ten Piece Set Includes:

      • Three 4oz bottles
      • Two 8oz bottles, and 2 replacement nipples
      • 2 newborn pacifiers
      • 40ct pacifier wipes


      • BPA Free
      • Dishwasher Safe, Top Rack Only


GumDrop Starter Set View the Complete Line

  • Specification 1

    • GumDrop Bottle
      The silicone nipple is the same shape and feel as the GumDrop Pacifier, and the narrow bottle design is perfect for older infants to hold. Features a leak-resistant travel cover and 100% silicone nipple. Includes slow-flow nipple. BPA-free. 0 mths+. Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

  • Specification 2

    • GumDrop Pacifier (2-pack)
      Trusted by hospitals, GumDrop offers the newest design in one-piece pacifiers with the same nipple shape as Soothie. The contoured pacifier stays clear of baby's nose, safely connects to pacifier attachers and the lightweight construction features the nipple shape babies love. Available in a variety of colors.

  • Specification 3

    • GumDrop Pacifier Case with Wipes
      Keeps pacifiers clean and easy to find. Plus, it comes with a 40-count pouch of Pacifier Wipes!

  • Specification 4

    • GumDrop Pacifier Wipes 100-count

      Easily clean your baby’s most-used (and dropped!) items. Made with food-grade ingredients, GumDrop Pacifier Wipes contain no alcohol or harmful chemicals. Perfect for quickly cleaning pacifiers, teethers, cup spouts and more. 100-count dispenser.

  • Specification 5

    • GumDrop Pacifier Wipes 40-count
      Perfect for cleaning your baby’s most-used (and dropped!) items when away from home. Wipes contain no alcohol or harmful chemicals. 40-count resealable pack for on-the-go.

  • Specification 6

    • GumDrop Starter Set
      The perfect collection of everything GumDrop! Includes:

      • Three 4oz bottles with slow-flow nipples
      • Two 8oz bottles with medium-flow nipples
      • Two newborn GumDrop® Pacifiers
      • One 40-count GumDrop Pacifier Wipes
      • Two replacement nipples

      Available in Pink / Purple set, or Green / Blue Set. BPA-free.

  • Specification 7

    • GumDrop Teething Pacifiers
      Featuring the same nipple shape as the GumDrop Pacifier, plus a comforting bumpy texture to soothe sore gums. BPA-free. 3 mths+

  • Specification 8

    • Pacifier Attacher
      Use with GumDrop(R) or other pacifiers to keep your baby's pacifier clean and close.


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