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BUNN My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer Intro

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BUNN My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer Features

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    • Spin Lid:

      Allows you to easily add fresh water for each cup.

    • Pour-In Bowl:

      Enables you to see in the brewer where ounces are clearly marked so you can determine your ideal size cup of coffee.

    • Cup Drawer:

      The Cup Drawer is compatible with K-Cup® packs including coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

      *K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Incorporated. BUNN is not affiliated with Keurig Incorporated.


    • Ground Coffee Drawer:

      My Café is different from other single cup ground coffee brewing options because it can hold more coffee grounds. Plus, My Cafe's consistently hot water and Pulse Brew feature help extract more flavor for a bolder & better taste.


    • Pod Drawer:

      The pod drawer holds any size soft pod, enabling you to choose from a large variety of coffee & tea pods plus tea bags. Not for use with hard espresso pods. 

    • Water Drawer:

      The Water Drawer is for dispensing hot water on demand to prepare instant coffee, oatmeal, hot cocoa, soup, warm baby bottles and more.

    • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank:

      Holds water at the perfect brewing temperature for best flavor extraction in under a minute.


    • Jet Action Sprayhead:

      Ensures that pods are first pre-soaked and then evenly sprayed with water to ensure ideal flavor extraction.

    • Brew Button:

      One button is all you need for each perfect cup.

    • Pulse Button:

      Press when you are brewing tea, or to extend the contact time for bolder coffee.

    • Removable Drip Tray:

      Enables you to use travel mugs or tall cups to make your perfect cup.

    • BUNN Quality & Support:

      Backed by BUNN's 2-year limited warranty, trained customer service professionals and online support information.


BUNN My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer 360/Gallery

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BUNN My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer Compare

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BUNN My Café® Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer Support

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    • BUNN® My Café® is covered by a 2-year limited warranty, which is twice as long as typical single cup systems.


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    • Use & Care Manual:

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      • For a PDF version of the Use & Care Manual, click here.
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    • Specs:

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      • Dimensions: W 7.1” x D 10.3” x H 12"
      • Brew Capacity: 4 to 14 oz. cup
      • Electrical: UL and C-UL listed for household use only. Brewer has attached 3-prong grounded cord set and requires 2-wire service with ground, rated 120 volts AC, 11.9 amps, single phase, 60 Hz. Total watts 1425.
      • High Altitude Use:  Programmable for high altitude use.
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    • Accessories Available Soon:

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      • BUNN offers a complete line of brewer accessories, including drawers, drip trays, replacement sprayheads, and more. Visit www.BunnAtHome.com to order parts and accessories or call the BUNN At Home Division at 1-800-352-BUNN (2866).


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