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T-Fal EZ Clean Features

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    • Automatically Filters and Stores the Oil:

      Exclusive patented oil draining feature, after frying the oil is automatically cleaned and drained through a filtering mesh into an integrated oil storage draw below.

    • 100% Dishwasher Safe:

      Frying bowl, basket, lid and storage pot are all removable and dishwasher safe. Never has cleaning been so easy!

    • Family Capacity:

      Family sized capacity 1.3kg 4 full servings (3.5L)

    • Professional Results:

      Immersed heating element, Brushed stainless steel body and semi-professional design.

    • Viewing Window:

      Large viewing window allows you to monitor the cooking progress.

    • On/Off Switch:

      On/off switch with indicator light.

    • 1700 Watts of Power:

      1700 Watts of power heats oil quickly and maintains high heat - even when frying. Preventing food from absorbing excess oil.


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T-Fal EZ Clean FAQs

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    • FAQs- Pertaining to Deep Fryers in General and not necessary to model displayed.

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    • How often does the filter in the deep fryer need to be changed?
      Active carbon metallic filters must be changed after 35 to 50 uses, depending on the model (a light indicates the filter is saturated and needs to be changed). Foam filters must be changed every 20 uses. If you are cooking fish, we recommend you use one filter for that specific purpose and change the oil after use. The Waterclean carbon fibre filter must be washed 80 uses (it regains its properties after each cleaning). The Pure Air system is permanent and does not need to be changed.

      How long do deep fryers take to heat up?
      Heating time varies from 10 to 18 minutes depending on the model and capacity. Using a model with a non-removable bowl as opposed to one with a removable bowl can make a lot of difference. The indicator light is on when the deep fryer is heating up, and turns off when the appliance reaches the right temperature.

      How can I fry battered food?
      Cook battered foods or doughnuts directly in the hot oil without using the basket; otherwise, the food will stick to the wire mesh of the basket.

      How should I fill the oil bowl?
      Fill the bowl with any fat without going over fill levels indicated inside. The 1L and 5 cup marks in the removable bowl correspond to one litre. We recommend that you adjust the amount of fat according to the food you want to fry, while keeping it between the minimum and the maximum fill levels indicated inside. Check the amount of fat before each use and adjust as necessary. If you are using solid fat, never put it directly in the basket: cut it in pieces and melt it in a separate pan, then pour it in the bowl.

      What is the best way to fill the basket?
      Fill up the basket to only half its capacity; this way you will get the best tasting fries in the shortest possible time.

  • Specification 3

    • What is the best way to cook food to perfection?
      Remove excess moisture or ice from foods with a paper towel. Put the foods in the basket, but do not overload it. Make sure you don't go over the maximum mark. Filling the basket to only half its capacity is best for cooking foods to perfection. If you are cooking frozen foods, use even less.

      How do I set the cooking time (depending on the timer provided)?
      Press the button to adjust until you reach the required cooking time and release the button; the countdown will begin. To make any adjustments, press the button again for 2 seconds. To stop the alarm at the end of the cooking time, press the button. This will turn off the alarm but will not automatically stop the cooking process. Lift the basket to stop the cooking process.

      What is the best way to cook fresh fries to perfection?
      To insure the best results and avoid overflows, prepare fresh fries in two separate steps. Lower the basket in the oil for a few minutes once the oil has reached 160°C, lift it out, wait until the oil heats to 190°C, and lower the basket again until your fries are golden.

      Why does steam come out from around the lid?
      The lid is probably not tightly closed and locked. Should the gasket be damaged, please contact a Seb authorized service centre for repair.

      Is it normal for the temperature to drop dramatically when I lower the basket?
      Lowering the basket in the oil makes the oil temperature drop quickly. During the cooking process, the oil never exceeds 175°C even if the thermostat is set to 190°C (stabilized temperature before immersion).


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    • Can I leave the oil in the deep fryer if I'm not using it?
      You can leave the oil in the deep fryer to store it, with the lid closed so it stays clean. If you do not plan the use the deep fryer for a long period of time, store the oil in a separate container, and clean the deep fryer.

      Can I use a mixture of oils?
      Do not mix oils because they may not take the same time to reach the right temperature for frying.

      How important is it to avoid going over the maximum level marks?
      Do not exceed maximum quantities for the appliance or running times indicated in the recipes. Doing so may alter cooking results and even damage the appliance.

      Does the oil need to be filtered after each use?
      Quality oil is essential for cooking foods to perfection; it is therefore necessary to filter it after each use. This way, residues won't burn and or change the flavour of the remaining oil. We also recommend changing the oil after 8 to 10 uses.

      The filter accidently fell in the oil bowl. What should I do?
      If the filter falls in the bowl filled with hot oil, the oil and the filter must be changed.

      The oil in my deep fryer overflowed. What happened?
      The deep fryer was probably filled over the maximum capacity mark. The bowl has two level marks: minimum and maximum. Or, the foods being fried are too moist. Be sure to remove excess moisture from fresh foods and any ice particles from frozen foods before you lower them into the hot oil. This tip does not apply to store-bought batter preparations.

      Why does my deep fryer produce unpleasant odours?
      Unpleasant odours are due to used oil or to a saturated filter that needs to be changed. Change the oil, the filter or both.

  • Specification 5

    • Why won't my deep fryer heat up?
      Check to see if the appliance is in heating mode. Oleoclean deep fryers switch to sleep mode after 5 seconds of inactivity. In the settings mode, press the Start button or any temperature or cooking selectors to reactivate the appliance. Oleoclean deep fryer: the safety mode may be deactivated. Unplug the appliance and let it cool down. Check the oil level and adjust accordingly. Press the Reset button in the back of the control panel. Plug the appliance again. If the problem persists, contact the Seb authorized service centre. Oleoclean deep fryer: the control panel may not be correctly positioned. Make sure the control panel is properly fitted in its support, and that nothing is in the way (e. g. the electrical cord).

      Why aren't the foods turning golden / Why are the foods mushy?
      The oil is probably not hot enough. If your appliance is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, make sure it is set for the food you are cooking. Otherwise, make sure the indicator light on the deep fryer is off, meaning the oil is ready. There may be too much food in the basket. Prepare smaller quantities at once, especially if you're using deep frozen foods; this will help you get better results. You may not have left the food to fry long enough; increase the cooking time, then lift the basket to check how crispy the food is.


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