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Steiner® 440 Tractor Intro

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Steiner® 440 Tractor Operation

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    • Easy Steering and Maneuverability:
      • Hydraulic power steering.
      • Easy foot controlled forward and reverse.
    • Easy to Read Instrument Panel:
      • Tachometer and hour meter 
      • Coolant temperature gauge on liquid cooled models
      • Fuel gauge 
      • Charging system indicator light 
      • Indicator Lights:  Engine oil pressure, charging system, glow plug and PTO indicator light 
      • Auxiliary hydraulic attachment control levers 


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    • Controls:

       Easy access hi-low range selector lever with safety lock

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    • High Back Bucket Seat:

      Radial bearing suspension to cushion bumps. Seat slides provide 7” of adjustment fore and aft. Comfortable armrests are standard equipment. Optional Mechanical Suspension is available

    • Larger Operator Platform:

       Adjusts vertically

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    • Standard Radial Bearing Seat Suspension:

      For more comfort; available with optional mechanical suspension kit.

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    • Handy Tool Box:

      On board tool box with built-in cup holder keeps necessities at your fingertips.


Steiner® 440 Tractor Performance

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    • Powerful Engine Choices:
      • Kohler® 34 or 40 HP air-cooled
      • Kubota® 25 HP diesel or 32 HP gas liquid-cooled
      • *Engine HP is per SAE ratings for Kubota per SAE-1939, Kohler per SAE-1940
    • More Hydraulic Power:
      • 60% more oil capacity with two pumps, lower temperatures.
      • 1500 PSI lift pressure
      • More available hydraulic power for steering and work.

    • Brakes:

      Front and rear disc parking brakes are both applied with one lever

    • Electrical System:
      • Large 12 volt battery with 630 or 525 CCA
      • 40 AMP Charging System
    • Higher Power to Weight Ratio:

      More than its nearest competitors! Offers more “Get It Done” power  in a smaller, more versatile machine.

    • Folding ROPS:

      Comes equipped with folding rollover protective structure

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    • Lighting:

       200 watt halogen quartz headlights provide 90% more light for optimal nighttime visibility. Four individual lights provide an overlapping band of light. 

    • More Fuel Capacity:

       8.0 gallon fuel capacity for longer running without refueling

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    • Stronger Front & Rear Transaxles:
      • Dual range transaxle
      • Forward/Reverse speeds:
      • 0-10.5 MPH (0-16.89 kmh), High range
      • 0-5.25 MPH (0-8.45 kmh), Low range


Steiner® 440 Tractor Durability

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    • Transmission:

      Stronger front & rear transaxles are twice as strong as its 430 predecessor.

      • Eaton model 70160, Radial Axle Piston Pump motor provides infinitely variable grounds speeds up to 10 mph.
      • Transaxle: Dual range, Peerless 2600 Series provides low speed and hi control to handle the job at hand.


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    • Integrated Frame Weight Bar:

      We've designed this into the frame.  It is not an add-on!

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    • Power Take-Off – Electric Clutch:
      • Large capacity Warner 175 ft. lb. clutch; durable support bearing and rotation stop
      • Heavy-duty PTO support system for longevity and dependability
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    • All-Steel Frame and Shielding:

      Withstands heavy duty use in toughest conditions and protects critical components from the environment.

    • Convenient to Maintain:
      • Check oil levels, radiator coolant, air filters, etc, without removing shields.
      • Front-mount attachment and Quick-Hitch system provide easy access to attachments for any maintenance needs
    • Warranty:
      • Two (2) Year Limited Warranty. See your dealer for complete details.



Steiner® 440 Tractor Traction

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    • Low Center of Gravity:

      Weight is closer to the ground for more stability on hills and sloped terrain. Operator sits mid-frame for comfort, visibility and complete control over front-mounted attachments.

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    • Optional Traction Boost System:

      Fingertip controlled spring-loaded weight transfer system. Shifts front attachment weight over front drive wheels whenever additional traction is needed on slopes and hills.


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    • Multi-Traction Tires:

      6-ply off-road tires provide a comfortable ride and superior traction in all seasons; in snow, on paved surfaces, and in soft or hard turf.


Steiner® 440 Tractor Versatility

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    • Front-Mounted Attachments:

      Provides better visibility when using or changing attachments.

    • Simple, Front Two-Point Quick-Hitch™:

      Two-point hookup makes it easy to install or remove any attachment in one to five minutes without tools. Standard front release control or optional release from seated position.

    • Auxiliary Hydraulics Come Standard:

      Quick connect gives you fingertip control of attachments; angling the blade or sweeper, dumping scoop, etc.

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    • Back Hitch:

       Standard 2" receiver hitch, with optional category 1 three-point hitch

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    • Manual PTO Tension Adjustment:

       Adjust belt tension right from the seat

    • Tire Options:

       Available in Turf, Bar Tread, All Terrain

      • 38 Special (Fieldtrax) 22x12-10
      • Mag Off Road (Bar) 22x12-10
      • Lightfoot (Turf) 22x111-10
      • Optional dual wheel sets also available
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    • 22 Attachments:
      • 48-inch Rotary Mower
      • 60-inch Rotary Mower
      • 72-inch Rotary Mower
      • 60-inch Rear Rotary Mower
      • Rough Cut Mower
      • Core Aerator
      • 48-inch Dozer Blade
      • 60-inch Dozer Blade
      • 72-inch Dozer Blade
      • V-Blade
      • Power Blower
      • Turbine Blower
      • 44-inch Slip Scoop
      • 48-inch Slip Scoop
      • 48-inch Snow Blower
      • 54-inch Snow Blower
      • Stump Cutter
      • Lawn Sweeper
      • 54-inch Rotary Sweeper
      • 54-inch Hydro Sweeper
      • 48-inch Rotary Tiller
      • Trencher


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    • Accessories:
      • HD Sun Shade Canopy
      • NEW Deluxe Cab Enclosure with wiper blade
      • Weight Bar (2) -Rear
      • Suspension Seat Kit
      • Machinery Hitch


Steiner® 440 Tractor 360

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