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Bleaching to Lighten Wood and Remove Stains Instructions

  • Bleaching to Lighten Wood and Remove Stain

    Restoring wood furniture takes time and patience, but the results of your labor can be enjoyed for years, even generations. The restoration process usually involves stripping off old finishes, bleaching, staining and then varnishing. Two-Part Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong bleach that will lighten wood and remove previously applied finish stain, providing you with a fresh new surface to refinish.

  • Overview

    Start with a piece of furniture that is bare wood. Next, sand the piece thoroughly. Then remove any sanding dust that has spread. Next, mix and apply the bleach to the piece of wood. Once stains are bleached remove paste with sponge. Then coat the entire surface to remove the stain finish. Rinse again and allow furniture to dry, and you’re done!

  • To Begin

    Start with a piece of furniture that is bare wood. To remove an existing finish, refer to the tutorial on stripping furniture. First, place your project piece on a drop cloth for protection. Next, sand the wood thoroughly to remove oil and debris left from the finish removing process. Be sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain.

  • Prepping Wood

    Remove sanding dust by brushing with a clean, dry paintbrush. Pay extra attention to the joints and detail areas.

  • Bleaching

    To mix and apply the bleach, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions listed on the carton or containers. Some brands instruct you to mix a solution of unequal amounts from bottle A and bottle B. Other brands instruct you to apply each separately to the wood surface. Apply with a sponge on flat areas and use a paintbrush to get the bleach into the seams, joints and detail areas.

  • Neutralization

    After you have neutralized the bleach according to their directions, use a sponge to apply a vinegar wash to ensure that all the bleach is neutralized. Follow this by using a sponge to rinse the surface with water. Don’t allow too much water or neutralizing agent to saturate the wood.

  • Drying Time

    Allow the wood to dry completely, which will take about two days. When the furniture piece is thoroughly dry, gently sand it with extra fine grit sandpaper - 280-grit should do the job.

  • Finishing Touches

    Brush off the sanding dust with a clean, dry paintbrush, especially in the joints and detail areas. Then rub a tack cloth over the entire surface to remove all of the dust. Now you are ready for our tutorials on stains, topcoats, varnishes!


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