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Laying Stepping Stones Instructions

  • Laying Stepping Stones

    Laying stepping stones creates a natural looking walkway through your garden or to the front door of your home. There are a large variety of materials that can be used as stepping stones, everything from large flat field stones that you have unearthed from your gardens to flag stone to the manufactured stepping stones found at the local garden shop. This represent only a few of the choices that you have available. But you should be sure that the stone you choose are at last 2 inches thick as thinner stones may crack over time.

  • Overview

    To lay your stone path you must first decide where the path will go and lay out the stones, then you will need to dig out the earth to accommodate the stones, next place the stones into their holes, and finally secure them into place.

  • Mark the Path

    Begin by marking your path using 2 lengths of rope or 2 garden hoses. You should consider the path that you would like to take and consider laying the hoses out straight or in a curved fashion. A curved path may be more ascetically pleasing in your garden. A natural stride is about 18 inches so you will want to place the stones so that each stone is 18 inches from the center of the next. Position the stones on the ground so that you can adjust the pattern and distance between stones before digging the holes.

  • Dig Out Each Hole

    Once you have decided how each stone will be placed, leave the stones in place and dig straight down with the trowel or flat spaded shovel to outline each stone in the earth below each. Then put each stone to the side and dig out the sod and earth within the outline that you just made. Consider the depth of each stone and dig out enough earth so that the stone will sit about an inch above the ground once you have poured an inch of sand into the hole.

  • Level the Stone

    Pour about an inch of sand into the hole and level the bottom of the hole, so that the stone will lay flat. Now, place each stone into its hole and use a level to make any adjustments so that the stone is level. You can add or remove sand to accommodate for oddly shaped stones at this point. Step on the stone to make sure it does not rock. Once the stone is level, fill in the area around the stone with soil and tamp it firmly so that it is securely placed.

  • Make Adjustments

    Make sure that the stones are about the same height by laying a board across a few stones and using the level. Make any adjustments to the stones as you see fit. Once you have completed laying your stones in place, sweep each stone so that each is clean and the sand falls into the crevasses. Over time you will find that the stones will settle. You can adjust the height or the level of the stones by simply lifting the stone and filling in the hole with some sand or soil.


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