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Installing a Ceiling Fan Instructions

  • Installing a Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan will help cool a room in summer by helping to circulate air and by creating a slight breeze. In the winter it can be used at low speed to circulate warmer air that has risen to ceiling level. From the viewpoint of décor, ceiling fans come in many styles and colors and can even include a light kit to offer the added feature of overhead lighting.

  • Overview

    This project involves the following steps. Start by removing the existing ceiling light fixture. Then you need to make sure the workbox is supported for ceiling fan use. Next you can install the fan mounting bracket and proceed with fan installation and assembly.

  • Existing Circuits

    When replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan, usually you are limited by the existing wiring to the workbox. Most likely this means the wall switch will turn the entire ceiling unit off and on. Then you will need to control fan speed and the light by using the pull chains on your new ceiling fan.

  • Remove Light Fixture

    Make sure you turn off the circuit in the breaker box before you begin working. Remove the existing light fixture and disconnect the wiring.

  • Workbox Support

    If you can access the area from the attic, use a 2 by 4 brace that spans the joists and rests on the top of the workbox. Screw the 2 by 4 into place from the attic and screw the workbox to the 2 by 4 from the room below.

  • Workbox Support with Finished Ceiling

    If you do not have access from the attic, you can install a metal cross brace through the rough opening in your ceiling and then attach an approved workbox to the metal brace.

  • Install Ceiling Fan

    Assemble the ceiling fan according to the manufacturer’s provided instructions. When you are ready to hang the fan, take the mounting bracket and install it to the ceiling workbox. Hang the fan on the mounting bracket. Following the wiring diagram provided with the fan, hook up the wires using wire nuts. Most likely this is as simple as connecting the 2 black wires; connecting the 2 white wires and connecting the 2 ground wires.

  • Finish Assembly

    To finish up the installation, install the canopy over the mounting bracket. The final step is to install the fan blades. Now you can turn the circuit back on and test your work. If the fan doesn't go on, turn the circuit off and check the wiring connections in the workbox. If the fan wobbles, check the owner’s manual for balancing directions.


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