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Repairing Asphalt Cracks Instructions

  • Repairing Asphalt Cracks

    This tutorial will show you how to patch cracks in your asphalt driveway. Cracks and potholes form due to the freezing and thawing of snow and ice, weed or grass growth in small cracks, and general wear and tear. Regular maintenance will prevent the need for major repair work or having to replace your drive. The best way to begin is to repair any existing cracks or potholes. This is easy to do and requires up to a day to complete depending on the condition and size of your driveway. It is also a good idea to prepare to sealcoat by patching all the existing cracks.

  • Overview

    The basic steps to patching your cracks are preparing for the patch and removing debris. Then, you will fill and smooth the patch compound, and finally, allow the patch to dry completely.

  • Cleaning Cracks

    Begin to clean out the crack by removing all loose dirt and chunks of asphalt with an awl or hook. If there are larger chunks of asphalt that are loose you can use a mallet and chisel to loosen them. But be sure to wear eye protection. Use a broom or a stiff brush to remove small pieces of asphalt and dirt. Then spray the crack with a garden hose using a spray attachment to remove any remaining debris. It is important to clean the crack well so that the patching material adheres properly. Before continuing and patching the cracks, allow them to dry so that the compound make a tight bond to the asphalt.

  • Cracks Less Than a 1/4” Wide

    Using filler form a caulk tube for cracks that are less then a 1/4” wide, squeeze the filler into the crack until it begins to overflow. Then smooth it out using a metal or plastic scraper. You may find that it is necessary to repeat this process to ensure that you fill the crack completely.

  • Cracks Larger Than 1/4” Wide

    When filling cracks that are larger than 1/4”, you will typically use patching compound that comes in a metal can. Scoop some of the material out using a scraper and push it into the crack. Keep pushing compound into the crack until it is overflowing. Finally, smooth the surface with a scraper. Repeat this process until the crack is completely filled.

  • Cracks Larger Than 1/2” Wide

    When filling cracks that are larger than 1/2” wide, you must fill the crack with asphalt cold patch which comes in bags or premixed in metal cans. Mix your material as the manufacturer recommends, and pour this material into the crack. You will need to smooth out the compound so that it is level with the rest of your driveway. You can do this in one of two ways depending on the size of you patch job. First, cover the patch with some sand to reduce the stickiness of the compound. Tamp the compound repeatedly with a 4x4 post repeatedly until it is level with the rest of your driveway. You may also find that it is easier to use a piece of plywood and drive over the patch with your car a few times to level the patch. You are now done with the project. Let the compound dry for at least 12 hours before walking or driving on it. Your next step my be to sealcoat you driveway to prevent future cracks from developing.


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