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Deck 7: Installing Deck Joists Instructions

  • Installing Deck Joists

    This is the 7th tutorial in our series of building decks. A serious, yet rewarding undertaking. If you follow the steps that we have outlined carefully and safely you should have no problems keeping your joists square and true. Joists provide the framing platform for the deck. Before you can install the joists, the ledger should be in place along the house and the girders should be secured to the posts. The joists will be anchored to the house via the ledger and then supported by the girders.

  • Overview

    The basic steps to installing joists are to secure the base joists first. Then, after you mark the girders to accommodate your internal joists, you will then install and secure the internal joists. Finally, install some final fasteners to make a rock tight frame.

  • Cut Outside Joists

    Cut the two outside joists to length. Take the first joist and position it next to the end of the ledger. Screw it in place with a screw gun. Position the opposite end of the joist on top of and flush with the end of the girder. Screw it in place by angling a screw through the edge of the joist and into the girder. Repeat for the other outside joists that attach to the house.

  • Secure the Joists

    Measure and cut the header joist. Position it across the ends of the outside joists and screw it into the ends of the outside joists.

  • Remove the Braces

    You will need to add support to each of the 4 corners of the deck. Screw in angle brackets in each inside corner. You can now remove the braces that were holding the posts in position as your deck frame should now be locked in position.

  • Mark the Locations

    On the ledger, on top of the girders and on the inside of the header joist, mark the locations for the joists. They should be 16" on center. You need 2 marks to indicate either side of each joist. This translates to 14-1/2" in between each joist and 1-1/2" for the thickness of each joist. Then use a square to scribe the lines across the face of the board. Take a short piece of joist material, butt it up along the line and scribe the other line for positioning each joist. Put an X in between the lines to indicate the location of the joist.

  • Position the Joist Hanger

    Position a joist hanger along one of the scribed line. Screw or nail 1 side of it in place through its flange. Take the short piece of joist material and put it in place in the open joist hanger, to ensure you have a tight fit before nailing the other side.

  • Measure and Cut

    Measure and cut each joist to length using a circular saw. Use a square to mark each board to ensure a square cut edge. View down the end of each joist to determine which side has a crown. Lay each joist in place with the crown side up then screw or nail the ends on each joist to the joist hanger.

  • Secure to Cross Beams

    Where each joist crosses the beam, screw or toenail the joist to the beam. The deck frame is now complete. It is time to proceed with decking and railings.


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