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Deck 6: Installing Deck Post & Beams Instructions

  • Installing Posts & Beams

    In this sixth tutorial in our series on building decks, a serious yet rewarding undertaking. If you followed out steps we outlined safely and carefully, you should have no problems keeping your posts square and true.

  • Overview

    Before you begin framing to the deck, you should have you ledger installed along the house and the concrete pads poured. These create the various supporting elements for you deck. Next to the house are the deck joists that will be attached directly to the ledger. Meanwhile, the concrete pads hold up the posts which support the girders which support the deck joists opposite the ledger.

  • Cut the Posts

    Refer to your deck plans and determine the height of each post. Add at least 6" to the length of each and mark the appropriate dimension on each post. Cut the posts at the marks using a miter saw or circular saw.

  • Place the Post

    Place the posts in the piers on top of the appropriate concrete pad. Using pieces of 1" or 2" thick wood, put 2 braces on each post at 90 degrees from each other. Drive a stake into the ground and screw the tail of the brace to the stake. Then use a level to make sure the post is perfectly plumb and screw the two braces to each post. Make sure the braces are below the area where you will be installing the deck beam. Screw each post to its pier using a screw gun to make sure that it is perfectly level.

  • Determine the Postition

    Now you need to determine the position of the top of the joists on each post. To do this, take a long straight 2" x 4" and rest it on the top of the ledger. Place a level on top of the 2" x 4". Hold the board level and then lower the board 1/2" for every 6' of distance between the ledger and the post. This is to provide a slight slope for water runoff away from the house. Mark this point on the post.

  • Mark the Post

    From the mark you just made on each post, measure down the height of a joist, which is probably 5-1/2". The use a square to mark all 4 sides of the post.

  • Cut the Posts

    Cut each post to its marked height. Use a reciprocating saw and cut squarely across the lower mark on each post. Then, install the post cap brackets on top of each post. Use the appropriates screw or lag bolts to securely anchor the brackets in place.

  • Cut the Girders

    Measure and cut to length girders to length. Eyeball each girder to determine which way it crowns. Place each girder in position on top of the posts with the crown of the girder directed upwards. Screw the girders into place through the post cap brackets with screws and a screw gun.


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