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Painting Exterior Trim Instructions

  • Painting Exterior Trim

    By painting your exterior trim with different colors than your siding, you can create a dramatic, yet attractive and complementary look. Whatever colors you use, you should paint trim with a higher sheen than the siding. Generally, you should use eggshell or satin paint for siding, and semi-gloss or gloss for windows, trim and doors. With that in mind, and by following the steps in this tutorial, you’ll beautify your house and increase its value at the same time. Be sure that you exercise care on your ladder and follow the safety precautions on the ladder.

  • Overview

    The basic steps to painting your trim are to prepare your paint and materials. And then first paint the windows and their surrounds, then paint the other trim including your porch railings, then finally the doors.

  • Keep Paint Properly Mixed

    You’ll save time and work if you paint your house in the following order: 1) gables, 2) main siding, 3) windows, 4) trim, 5) doors. Always paint from the top down. Review the tutorials on Painting House Exteriors for help with those projects.

  • Paint in Sequence

    Make sure the paint is well stirred. Re-stir the paint periodically to keep it mixed. Dip your brush in the paint 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the bristles. Wipe the underside gently on the rim of the paint can to minimize drips… and hold the brush bristle-end up as you move it towards the siding. Generally, more delicate strokes with less paint on the brush will work better when painting trim and give you a smoother finish.

  • Painting Windows

    You should paint your windows first. After masking off the glass, use a small trim brush to paint the muntins, which are the dividers. Start at the top and work down, painting both the vertical and horizontal dividers. Then paint the window surrounds. Work from the top down and wipe up any drips before they have a chance to dry.

  • Painting Window Trim

    Finally, paint the face trim around the window using an angled trim brush. The angle lets you control where paint goes and change brush direction more easily than with a straight edge.

  • Painting House Trim

    You should paint the trim next. You can find house trim at corners, along the roof line on gables, around windows and doors, or where the siding meets the foundation. On older Victorian-style houses, trim may also be used in a variety of places. Paint trim from the top down. Use the largest size brush that fits the trim you’re painting.

  • Painting the Porch

    Delicate “wedding cake” details require a smaller brush than flat face trim. On porch railings, paint all the spindles first, and then paint the horizontal rail pieces.

  • Painting Doors

    Lastly, you should paint your doors. If your door has raised, inset panels, paint the trim inside the panels and the panel insets first. Then paint the door surface around the panels.


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