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Installing a Garbage Disposer Instructions

  • Installing a Garbage Disposer

    Before installing a garbage disposer, make sure your has sink has a normal, full-size drain opening and that you have plenty of room in the cabinet below. To power the new disposer, you should run a dedicated circuit from the breaker panel. If this is not possible, tie into another circuit that you have access to. When shopping for garbage disposers, you will have various options for you to choose from, such as horsepower, reversing capabilities and insulation for noise reduction. Choose the system that meets your needs.

  • Overview

    To install a garbage disposer, remove the existing plumbing pieces that are connected to the drain opening. Then you can install the mounting bracket that will hold up the disposer system. Next, make the electrical and dishwasher connections. Finally you can mount the disposer and hook it up to the drain plumbing.

  • Removing Existing Drain

    Using large channel-lock pliers, disconnect the down drainpipe coming from the sink and the connection that attaches it to the p-trap. When both connections are free, remove the parts. Unscrew the large nut that holds the strainer in place underneath the sink. Remove the strainer body. Clean off the old plumber’s putty that surrounds the edge of the drain opening.

  • Installing Mounting Bracket

    Place a 1/4” bead of new plumber’s putty around the drain opening in the sink. Drop the new sink flange into the drain opening and press it into place. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket and backup ring onto the sleeve. Hold these pieces in place. Next slip on the mounting ring and snap ring. Tighten the three mounting screws. Alternately tightening each screw a few turns at a time until the mounting assembly is evenly and tightly seated against the bottom of the sink.

  • Mounting Preparation

    Lay the disposer on its side under the sink so you can make the electrical connections. Make sure the circuit breaker is off. Remove the plate on the bottom of the disposer to expose the wiring and use wire nuts to connect the wires from the disposer to the matching wires from the power supply. Replace the plate to cover the wires.

  • Preparing for Dishwasher

    If using a dishwasher, you will need to tap out the dishwasher knockout plug. Lay the disposer on its side and use a screwdriver and hammer to tap it out. Next, attach the discharge tube and its gasket to the disposer.

  • Installing Disposer

    Align the disposer with the three mounting ears on the sink mounting assembly. Holding the disposer in place, turn the lower mounting ring until all three mounting ears are locked into the mounting assembly. Turn the disposer until the discharge tube aligns with the drain trap. If the discharge tube is too long, it should be cut to fit. If it is not long enough, you need to purchase extension pieces to make up the difference. Connect the dishwasher tube to the disposer.

  • Final steps

    Now that everything is installed and in position, lock the disposer to the sink mounting assembly using the special wrench that came with the unit. Finally, you should test the disposer for leaks and turn on the electrical breaker to test its operation.


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