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Countertop Removal & Demolition Instructions

  • Countertop Removal & Demolition

    Before you install a new countertop, you need to carefully remove the existing one. Any fixtures such as sinks or cooktops must be carefully removed if they are to be reused. Also,be careful not to harm the cabinets below or the walls behind the counter. Another concern is your own safety. It is easy to hurt yourself as broken tiles, Formica and rusty nails can be very sharp.

  • Overview

    The basic steps to removing your old countertop are to remove the old fixtures, removing any retaining screws, separating the counter surface from the base cabinets, and finally any underlayment.

  • Disconnect Water & Gas

    Your first step is to shut off water lines to the sink and any the gas lines to the cooktop by first turning the shutoff valves to the "off" position. Then, use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the supply lines from the valves.

  • Disconnect Drain Lines

    To disconnect the drain lines, loosen the nuts on the p-trap with two pairs of tongue & groove pliers and slip it off the tailpiece. The rest of the drainpipes as well as the faucet can be removed when the sink is out.

  • Remove Cooktops & Sinks

    Remove the cooktop or sink from the counter by loosening any mounting screws underneath and gently prying up on the fixture. It should pull out easily once you have removed gas and electric supply lines.

  • Sinks Tiled into the Countertop

    For sinks that are tiled into the countertop, first remove the quarter round tiles around the sinks and any mortar under the tiles. Without the tiles and mortar in place the sink should just lift out. If it doesn’t lift out easily, it is most likely secured underneath with adhesive.

  • Sinks Set Above the Countertop

    If your sink is set on top of the tiles without mounting screws, you will need to cut the adhesive bead under the perimeter of the sink with a putty knife. Work it in under the rim of the sink and around the perimeter. When the bead is broken lift out the sink.

  • Removing a Tiled Countertop

    Countertops are usually held in place with retaining screws that attach it to the base cabinet. Remove any screws that you find underneath the counter. If your countertop is tiled, first remove any tiles that are on the wall adjacent to the counter. When the tiles are off the wall, remove the edge tiles along the front of the counter and repeat the procedure on the countertop, prying between the wood underlayment and the bottom of the mortar. After the tiles and mortar are removed, remove the wood underlayment that the tiles were sitting on as you would a Formica countertop.

  • Removing a Wood-backed Countertop

    If your countertop is a laminate or other wood backed material, begin prying up the surface. Start at a corner and force the pry bar between the base cabinet and the countertop and slowly lift up until it becomes loose, being careful not to damage the base cabinet. It may become necessary to cut the countertop into pieces with the reciprocating saw so that sections of it may be removed more easily. If it is difficult to pry up some sections, use the reciprocating saw to cut horizontally between the countertop and the cabinet to sever any nails or screws that might be holding the countertop down.


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