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Replacing a Toilet Instructions

  • Replacing a Toilet

    There are a number of reasons to replace your toilet. It may be cracked, uses too much water, or maybe you just want a new style. Whatever the reason, there are new models that will match the décor of your home, reduce the amount of water required per flush, and come in shapes that are more comfortable. Replacing a toilet is not as difficult as it may seem. The toughest part being it’s bulk and weight. Before you start, be sure that the water supply is off and inspect for water damage to the sub floor before installing the new unit.

  • Overview

    The basic steps to replacing a toilet are to: 1) Disconnect the water supply, 2) Remove the old tank and toilet bowl, 3) Install the new bowl and tank, and 4) Reattach the water supply to the tank.

  • Disconnecting and Draining Water

    Shut off the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet. Hold the handle down to empty the tank completely. If there is any water left in the tank use a sponge to wipe it dry. Disconnect the water supply line from the tank. Reach into the tank and unthread the connector.

  • Removing the Tank

    Next separate the tank from the bowl. Loosen the bolts on the inside of the tank with a screwdriver while holding the nut on the outside of the tank with pliers. Set the tank aside and then remove any water that is left in the bowl with a sponge.

  • Removing the Bowl

    Now remove the bolts that are located at the base of the toilet. You may need to use some lubricant to loosen the bolt or scrape away plumbers putty.

  • Removing Old Putty

    Unscrew and remove the flange around the drain pipe, and with a plastic scraper, remove any old plumber's putty.

  • Applying the Wax Ring

    Turn the new toilet bowl on its side on a towel to protect its finish. Place the wax gasket on the base horn. Be sure to push hard enough to make it stick in place.

  • Applying Putty

    Use plumber’s putty around the base of the bolts to hold them in place and fit the flange over the top of the bolts. Screw the new flange into the drainpipe and floor. Now turn the toilet upright and lower it into position so that the bolts align to the base after removing and discarding the rag that you stuffed into the drain pipe.

  • Leveling the Bowl

    Level the bowl using a level. Place shims between the base and the floor to level it.

  • Securing the Bowl

    Slip a metal washer over each bolt and tighten the nuts to secure the toilet. Alternate the bolts that you tighten and tighten them very slowly so that you do not crack your new bowl. Do not attempt to tighten the toilet base flush to the floor. Due to the new wax ring, it is common for there to be a gap between the base and the floor. Caulk this gap with a silicone caulk.

  • Installing the Tank

    Now you will need to install the tank onto the toilet. Place the spud washer over the inlet opening. Lower the tank over the bowl lining up with the holes. Bolt the tank to the bowl; again tighten slowly so the tank does not crack.

  • Reconnecting the Water Supply

    Apply Teflon tape around the threads before reconnecting the water supply line. Turn the water supply back on and allow the tank to fill. Flush the toilet a few times to check for leaks and install the seat.


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