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Deck 1: Deck Planning Instructions

  • Planning a Deck

    The deck planning process is relatively easy and fun. Whether you plan on hiring a contractor or building the deck yourself, the planning process will help you determine exactly what deck features you need. This project involves some simple drawing tools and a good idea of how you want to use your new deck.

  • Deck Features

    To start the deck planning process, write down all the things that you want to do with your deck and prioritize them.
    For example:

    • Are you going to cook on your deck? If so, how big is your grill?
    • Do you want a dive platform into your swimming pool?
    • How do you want to access your deck? How many flights of stairs?
    • Or how about a whirlpool?
  • Draw Some Pictures

    Next you need to draw some pictures. Use graph paper so you can more accurately draw your designs to the appropriate scale and proportion. Begin by drawing the existing conditions.
    Measure the side of you house, trees, door and window locations and the direction of sunlight during the day.

  • Draw Some Pictures

    Once you have an accurate picture of the existing conditions,
    spend some time brainstorming. What shape do you want your deck to be? Should it be relatively simple and straight? Or should it wrap around your house and have a curved layout? This is your chance to have fun and be creative.

  • Draw Some Pictures

    Once you have determined the layout you like the best, make a final, clean drawing that includes the dimensions of your new deck. This will be used to make the construction drawing, which will most likely be done by your contractor.


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