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Chuggington Wooden Railway Harrison Features

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    • Meet Harrison!:

      Harrison is the fastest chugger in Chuggington--his name has been on the Great Chugger Championship trophy as long as he can remember. Smooth, charming and a bit of a show-off, he enjoys giving the trainees the chance to learn from a master. He must be good at it, because Wilson thinks Harrison is the cat's meow! Harrison lives in the upper level of the roundhouses, the penthouse suite, accessible by an elevated turntable.

    • Real Wood Construction:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway combines the charm of wooden train play with the exciting world of Chuggington.

    • Easy-to-Connect Magnets:

      Magnetic couplings easily connect to other vehicles.

    • Compatible System:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway track and vehicles are compatible with other wooden track systems.


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