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Chuggington Wooden Railway Brewster Features

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    • Meet Brewster!:

      Brewster is a strong and solid diesel-electric train built for heavy loads. He doesn't always understand his own strength, which can make him a bit awkward and clumsy. Other trainees may want to rush into action when they've been given a mission, but sensible Brewster asks questions first. He is very dependable and can always be relied on in a crisis; he's a tower of strength. One of his catchphrases is "Honking horns!"

    • Real Wood Construction:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway combines the charm of wooden train play with the exciting world of Chuggington.

    • Easy-to-Connect Magnets:

      Magnetic couplings easily connect to other vehicles.

    • Compatible System:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway track and vehicles are compatible with other wooden track systems.


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