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Installing a Frost-Free Outdoor Hose Bib Instructions

  • Frost-Free Outdoor Hose Bib

    If you live in a colder climate, your water pipes may be susceptible to freezing, particularly an outdoor hose bib on the outside wall of your house. Since water expands as it freezes, this situation can burst your pipes, causing water damage to your house. To help prevent this install a frost-free outdoor hose bib designed to keep water away from the cold elements. A frost-free outdoor hose bib contains a long stem that places the actual water shut off about 10 inches inside the house.

  • Overview

    This project involves removing the old outdoor hose bib and a section of copper pipe. You then need to dry fit the new pieces. Solder and assemble the new pieces. Finally, install the new outdoor hose bib and test your work.

  • Remove Old Outdoor Hose Bib

    Start by turning off the inline valve to the existing outdoor hose bib. Purge the water from the pipe that you just shut off. Leave the outdoor hose bib open. Remove any screws that attach the outdoor hose bib to the house siding.

    A frost-free outdoor hose bib has a stem that can range from six to twelve inches long. For easiest installation, you should have an additional four to five inches of straight pipe in-between the inline shut-off valve and the wall plate that the outdoor hose bib is mounted to.

    Measure back the length of the stem on the new outdoor hose bib plus about 3 inches from the wall plate on the straight pipe. Use a pipe cutter or a hack saw to cut the pipe. Pull the old outdoor hose bib and pipe out of the outside wall.

  • Build the Connection

    Measure the length of the straight pipe from the cut end to the back of the mounting bracket for the outdoor hose bib. Make an assembly that includes the new outdoor hose bib, a threaded fitting, a straight piece of copper tubing and a straight union. Your measurement should cover the distance from the back of the outdoor hose bib mounting bracket to the inside shoulder of the straight union. Dry fit the assembly to make sure the straight union slides over the straight run of tubing still in the house.

    Disassemble the pieces and solder together the threaded fitting, straight piece and straight union.

    Once the joint cools, wrap Teflon tape around the threaded end of the new outdoor hose bib. Screw the fitting you just soldered onto the new outdoor hose bib and tighten.

  • Install New Outdoor Hose Bib

    Insert the whole assembly into the hole in your siding. Solder the straight union onto the straight pipe inside the house. Make sure to protect flammable areas from your torch.

    Insert bushing on outside. It helps keep the outdoor hose bib stem level, or slightly sloped towards the outside of your house. Insert screws.

  • Test Your Work

    Test your work by turning on the inline valve. Turn the new outdoor hose bib on and off to check for leaks. If you find a leak, turn off the inline valve and purge the water from the line. Depending on where the leak is, you may need to disassemble the new outdoor hose bib to correct the problem. Take the leaky joint apart, clean all components and re-solder the joint.


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