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Installing Drop-down Stairs Instructions

  • Installing Drop-down Stairs

    If you have a nice spacious attic, but no easy way to access it, you may be a good candidate for a drop-down attic stairway. A new stairway will enable you to get into your attic easily and quickly and provide you with additional storage space.

  • Overview

    Here is what this project entails: In the desired location, build the rough-in frame from the attic. Then cut the drywall opening. Install the stair kit you purchased and finally finish it up from the ceiling side to make it blend in.

  • Determine a Location

    Scout out a location for the drop down stairway based on required fold-down room in the finished part of your house. In the attic, you want to install the stairway parallel to the ceiling joists. If you have trusses, you should probably not undertake this project. Once you have determined the best location for the stairs, peel back the insulation in the attic where you will be working. Lay down some planks or boards across the joists to give you a working platform.

  • Cut Out Joists

    Determine the rough opening requirements for the stair kit you have purchased. Add 3 inches to the required length and mark the location in the attic with a square. Using a reciprocating saw, cut the joists down to the ceiling drywall. Remove the cut out piece.

  • Install Headers

    Measure the length for the rough opening headers. Cut the headers out of the same material as your existing joists. Place them in position. Use a square to make sure the corners are 90 degrees. Use a screw gun and screws to secure the headers in position. We suggest not using a hammer and nails, They can disturb and loosen the drywall or plaster. Measure the rough opening width that you need and mark it on the headers. Cut the short joist to fit between the headers. Square it up and screw it into position.

  • Cut Out Drywall

    Using a reciprocating saw and the rough-in frame as a guide, cut out the drywall opening from the attic. Make sure you put down a drop cloth on the floor below to catch the dust and cut out pieces. Using a screw gun and drywall screws, secure the drywall around the perimeter of the rough opening.

  • Install Stair Kit

    Using 2 pieces of 1x material, screw in 2 ledgers on your ceiling. These will serve as support for the attic stairs as you secure them in place. Get a helper to assist you in lifting the stair kit into place, resting it on the 2 ledgers. Use shims to position the stair kit frame snuggly within the rough opening frame. Use a screw gun and screw the stair kit into the rough opening.

  • Finish it Up

    To finish everything off, add molding around the stairway door on your ceiling. Using a roller, paint the door the same color as your ceiling to make it blend in. Back in the attic, if you did not previously have a floor, use 1/2 inch plywood to create a floor for walking and storage.


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