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Old Puffer Pete with 150th Anniversary Features

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    • Meet Old Puffer Pete!:

      Steam train Pete is the oldest chugger in Chuggington. Although he's 150 years old, Pete has been looked after so well that he can still chuff up and down the tracks, albeit slowly and wheezily. Pete loves nothing better than watching the trainees work and learn, while passing on his wisdom like a grandfather figure. He drives them mad with his endless stories and can never remember their names, but they're very fond of him. He has a real sense of humor and loves to "pull the youngsters' pistons."

    • Anniversary Car:

      As seen in episode "Puffer Pete's Big Show," Old Puffer Pete has been around Chuggington for 150 years!! Wilson, Koko and Brewster put on a special anniversary show to celebrate this important milestone.

    • Easy-to-Connect Magnets:

      Magnetic couplings easily connect to other vehicles.

    • Real Wood Construction:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway combines the charm of wooden train play with the exciting world of Chuggington.

    • Compatible System:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway track and vehicles are compatible with other wooden track systems.


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