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Installing Door Casing Instructions

  • Install Door Casing

    If you have just installed a new door that needs a casing around it or you have decided to replace the casing around an existing door, you can achieve professional results quite easily. The key to a great looking door casing is perfectly mitered corners. The secret is to assemble your casing before you install it. You can also use this technique on window casings.

  • Overview

    Here is what you will do to complete this project. Start by measuring the door frame. Use these dimensions to cut the three casing pieces. Assemble them with glue and screws. Finally, install the casing unit as one piece.

  • Make Sure Corners are Square

    Make sure the corners on the doorjamb (or frame) are square. If not, you may need to make your miter cuts slightly wider or narrower than 45 degrees to compensate. Measure the inside dimensions of the door frame. Measure across the top and both sides, just in case the side heights are different.

  • Measure Width and Height

    Determine the amount of the door jamb that you want to leave exposed. Usually this is about 1/4 of an inch. That means the door casing needs to cover the outside 1/2 inch all the way around the door jamb. Based on leaving 1/4 of an inch exposed, add 1/2 inch to the width dimension. Add 1/4 to each height dimension. Mark these dimensions on the new casing material.

  • Make Miter Cuts

    Start by cutting the miter corners on the top piece first. Then cut the miters on the side pieces. Make sure you leave enough material to make the final square cuts on the bottoms. Dry fit the mitered corners to make sure they fit together seamlessly.

  • Assemble Casing

    Once you have confirmed your dimensions and miters, assemble the casing unit. Glue the edges on one of the corners. Line them up and clamp them together. Let the glue set. From the top piece edge, drill two pilot holes. Be careful not to drill through the face of the casing. Screw in two long screws that will secure the two pieces together. Repeat on the other corner.

  • Nail Casing to Frame

    To install the casing, position it over the door jamb. Make sure the 1/4 inch of exposed door jamb is even all the way around. Nail the inside corners to the door jamb. Then nail along the top piece and down the sides. Finally, nail the outer edge of the casing into the door rough-in frame. You will need slightly longer nails that can go through the casing and drywall into the rough-in frame. Set all the nail heads.

  • Finish It Up

    To finish up the project, apply a bead of caulk next to the casing edge and wall. This will fill in any irregular gaps. Smooth it out with your finger. Use wood filler to fill the nail head holes. Finally, paint the casing as desired.


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