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Replacing a 3-Way Switch Instructions

  • Replacing a 3-Way Switch

    3-way light switches allow you to control one or more lights from two different locations, for instance you can control the lighting in your stairway from the upstairs hall and the downstairs landing. This tutorial will help you understand how a 3-way switch works and will help you replace an existing 3-way switch.

  • Overview

    This project has the following simple steps – First, and most important, turn off the circuit you are working on. Then remove the old switch. Install the new switch and switch plate. Finally, turn the breaker back on and test your work.

  • Turn Off Breaker

    Always shut off the circuit you are working on. Older houses have fuse boxes. Completely remove the fuse from the box to disable the circuit.

  • Remove Old Switch

    First, remove the switch plate to access the switch. Remove the two screws holding the switch in the workbox and pull the switch out of the box.

  • Make Note of Connections

    Disconnect the old switch by loosening or removing the terminal screws. Make note of the wire colors and the terminals they are connected to. Make sure you match up the wires to the same terminals on the new switch.

  • Install New Switch

    Make sure the wires are bent in the shape of hooks to wrap around the new terminals. Wrap the hooked wires around the terminals in a clock-wise direction and tighten screws. To prevent the terminals from shorting out against the workbox, wrap electrical tape around the new switch, covering all terminals. Position the switch in the workbox and tighten the 2 screws that hold it in place. Install the new switch plate.

  • Test Your Work

    Turn the circuit back on. It is important that you test both switches. If you find the switches do not work correctly, the problem is likely caused by the wires being attached to the wrong terminals. Turn off the circuit and try connecting the wires to different terminals on the new switch. After a few tries, you should find the right combination.


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