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Installing a GFCI Outlet Instructions

  • Installing a GFCI Outlet

    A GFCI outlet, which stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, is a receptacle with its own built-in circuit breaker. It is intended to protect you from electric shock and your wiring and breaker panel from being “shorted out”. Building codes require that you have a GFCI outlet in areas near water, for instance in your kitchen, bathroom or garage.

  • Overview

    Start by turning off the circuit at the circuit breaker. Then, you can safely remove the old receptacle. Install the GFCI outlet and switch plate. Finally, check your work to make sure the installation was successful.

  • Turn Off Circuit

    The first and most important step is to turn off the circuit that you will be working on. Find the right breaker in the breaker box and flip it to the “Off” position. If you have a fuse box, find the right fuse and remove it completely from the panel. To confirm that you have shut off the right circuit, use a circuit tester on the receptacle. If it glows, the circuit is still on. Try turning off a different circuit in the breaker box and retest.

  • Remove Old Receptacle

    First remove the receptacle plate to access the receptacle. Remove the two screws holding the receptacle in the workbox and pull it out of the box. Disconnect the old receptacle by loosening or removing the terminal screws. If you have three wires coming into the workbox, the receptacle is at the end of a series. If you have six wires, the receptacle is in the middle of a series. The other set of wires continue on to another receptacle. If you have four wires and two grounds coming into the workbox, you need to determine which wires are coming from the breaker panel. If you are not sure, spread the wires apart and turn the breaker back on. Carefully use your circuit tester to determine which wires are hot. After you determined which one are, turn the breaker back off.

  • Install GFCI Outlet

    The black and white wires that you determined come from the breaker panel need to be attached to the two terminals on the new GFCI outlet that say “LINE”. Attach the wires going to the rest of the series to the terminals that say “LOAD” . Loop each wire so that it wraps around the screw in a clock-wise direction. This will keep the wire from slipping off as you tighten the screw. To prevent the terminals from shorting out against the workbox, wrap electrical tape around the new outlet, covering all terminals. Position the GFCI outlet in the workbox and tighten the two screws that hold it in place. Install the new receptacle plate.

  • Test Work

    Switch the breaker back on or re-install the fuse. Press the TEST button on the front of the outlet. You should hear a “click” as the breaker inside the outlet trips. Press the RESET button to reactivate the outlet.


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