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Installing a Garage Door Opener Instructions

  • Installing a Garage Door Opener

    Believe it or not a new garage door opener can change your life. Never again will you have to get out of your car in the pouring rain to heave open your garage door. In addition to this invaluable convenience, a new garage door opener offers increased safety and security for your family and your home.

  • Overview

    To install your new garage door opener you will have to first assemble the t-rails,the trolley and chain which will be used to pull open your garage. Then you will need to mount the header bracket, install the opener and finally install the keypad to control the unit.

  • Assemble the Opener Unit

    First line up the three t-rails and securely bolt them together. Make sure that you align any arrowed decals. Then bolt the idler pulley to the door-end of the t-rails. Slide the trolley into the rack and bolt the end of the t-rail to the end of the opener unit. Secure the trolley in place with a screwdriver and attach the drive belt to the trolley. Wrap the chain around the idler pulley and then around the sprocket on the opener. Attach the chain to the other side of the trolley.

  • Mount Opener - Door End

    Open the door partially and measure its highest travel point from the floor. Add 2” to this measurement and use this measurement to measure straight up the center of the door on the wall inside the garage. Securely mount the bracket at this spot to your garage framing. If necessary mount a 2x4 horizontally to the framing and mount the bracket to it. Attach the idler pulley end of the track to the bracket using the cleanest pin.

  • Mount Opener - Opener End

    Lift up the opener unit and open the garage door. Place the opener unit on a step ladder and using shims, position the opener about 1 ½” above the open door. Attach the steel bracket to the ceiling joists. Bolt the opener to the steel brackets.

  • Install Controls

    Install the inside push-button controls five feet above the floor and connect it to the opener. Install the electric eye sensors to the door tracks near the ground level and connect it to the opener. If you have a outside wireless key pad mount it in a convenient position five feet off the ground.

  • Attach to Garage Door

    Next, bolt the door bracket to the garage door. Attach the straight door arm to the trolley and the curved arm to the door bracket. Now bolt the two arms together.


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