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Replacing Window Sash Cords Instructions

  • Replacing Sash Cords

    Older double hung windows use a pair of counter weights to hold the window sash open. The weights are attached to the window sash via a sash cord looped over a pulley. Overtime, the sash cords can deteriorate from sun, dirt, chaffing and layers of paint. Even if only one cord is broken, you should replace both cords while you have the window apart.

  • Overview

    Replacing a sash cord involves three project phases. First you need to remove several window parts to access the weight pocket. Then you can install a new sash cord. The reassembly process is simply the reverse of the first phase. Let’s get started.

  • Remove Interior Stop

    First, you will remove the interior stops on both sides of the window. Use a utility knife to cut paint that may be holding the pieces together. Then use a stiff putty knife or small pry bar to completely remove the window stops.

  • Remove Metal Tracks

    Most likely you will find a metal track on the lower half of the window frame. Remove this track from both sides. This will enable you to completely remove the window sash. With the interior stop and metal track out of the way, you should be able to remove the window sash from the window frame.

  • Remove Parting Strip & Pocket Cover

    The parting strip usually holds in the weight pocket cover. If so, carefully pry out the parting strip on both sides of the window frame. Remove the weight pocket covers, reach in the weight pocket and pull out the weights.

  • Install New Sash Cord

    Now you can install new sash cords. Measure an old sash cord and cut a new piece to length. Use a weighted string dropped over the pulley to pull the new sash cord up through the weight pocket. Attach the weight to your new cord.

  • Re-Assemble Window

    Start the re-assembly process by replacing the weight pocket covers. Then put the parting strips back in place. Use flat head screws instead of nails. Place the window sash on the sill and attach the sash cords to either side. Move the sash into position. Re-install the metal tracks using small screws or brads. Re-install the interior stops using four oval head screws with decorative washers. This will make the disassembly process easier the next time you need to take apart this window.

  • Like New

    Your window should work like new. If you find the window sticks, use a little silicon grease on the inside of the interior stop and parting strip.


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