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Replacing Glass Instructions

  • Replacing Glass

    Replacing a single window pane is not as daunting as you may think. The anatomy of a window is fairly straight forward. The window sash is the frame holding it all together. The glass is held in place by glazing compound and glazing points. Finally, a coat of paint seals everything up.

  • Overview

    This project involves first prepping the sash for the new piece of glass. Then you cut a new piece of glass or have it cut for you at the hardware store. Next you install the glass in the window sash. Lastly, a fresh coat of paint puts everything back to normal.

  • Prepping the Sash

    Using a putty knife or old chisel, scrape off the glazing. As you uncover the glazing points, pull them out with a pair of pliers. Once all the glazing and points are removed, take out the broken glass. Make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands.

  • Prepping the Sash

    Use a scraper or old chisel, clean out the L-channel in the sash. Be careful not to gouge the wood. Now you can take a piece of folded sandpaper and smooth out the L-channel. Using a clear sealer, coat the raw wood and let it dry before installing the glass.

  • Cutting Glass

    Measure the window opening and subtract 1/8 inch from both the width and height. A hardware store can cut a piece of glass to your exact dimension. To cut the glass yourself, place it on a flat, smooth surface. Using a straight edge as a guide, make only one pass with your glass cutter to score the glass.

  • Cutting Glass

    Line up the scored line with the edge of your work bench. You should wear gloves just to be safe. Press the glass firmly to the bench. With the other hand, snap the off the glass section. Repeat until you have the correct size.

  • Installation of Glass

    Take a glob of glazing compound and roll it into a thin rope shape. Position it in the L-channel. Using a putty knife, squash it to a thin, even bed about 1/16 inch thick. Carefully position the glass in the sash. Using a putty knife, push glazing points into the window sash every ten inches. Make sure you push straight into the wood. Pushing towards the glass will break it.

  • Installation of Glass

    Take another glob of glazing compound and roll it into a rope. Push is into the L-channel. Then using a putty knife, create a smooth, sloped surface that runs from the front edge of the sash to the glass. Make sure it completely covers your glazing points.

  • Paint Glazing

    Using a good sash brush, apply the paint so that a small bead coats the glass. 1/16 inch will do it. This bead will help create a better seal over your work.


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