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Patching Hardwood Floors Instructions

  • Patching Hardwood Floors

    Part of the charm of hardwood floors is their imperfections. Slight variations in grain and color, as well as the minor spots and specs in the wood help provide an aged-to-perfection look for your floors. Typically, they are blind nailed as they are installed to hide nail heads. Eventually you may encounter a cracked board or damage to a section of your floor that doesn’t look quite so attractive.

  • Overview

    To replace a scarred floor board, start by removing the entire board. Then you can cut a new, matching piece. Lastly, the new piece is installed and finished to make everything normal again.

  • Cut the Board

    Set your circular saw to the depth of the wood floor. This is usually about 3/4 of an inch. You don’t want to cut into the sub-floor. Cut the damaged board into even thirds with two passes by the saw. Don’t cut into the boards that butt up against the ends of the damaged board.

  • Remove the Board

    Use a chisel and a hammer to cut all the way through the ends of the board in the areas the circular saw could not reach. Pry out the center piece. Then carefully pry out the two remaining pieces without damaging surrounding boards. Remove all nails.

  • Measuring the Board

    Measure the opening in the floor. Subtract 1/16 of an inch from this dimension. You want the new board slightly shorter to allow for expansion and contraction. Using material that matches your existing floor, cut the new piece.

  • Chisel off the Groove Piece

    In order to fit the new board into place, you will need to cut off the lower part of the groove side of the new board. Flip it over and use a chisel and hammer to cleanly sever it.

  • Install the New Board

    To install the new board, insert the tongue end first. Use a block of wood and a hammer to tap the piece into position. Face nail the board into place, then use a nail set to sink the nail heads. Fill the nail holes to finish it all up. If you purchased a pre-finished piece of wood, you should be all done. Otherwise you will need to apply finish to the new board that matches your existing floor.


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