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Breastflow Features

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    • Wide Neck Bottle:

      Wide neck bottle is easy to clean and fill.

    • Natural as Breastfeeding:

      Breastflow 2-in-1 nipple allows your baby to control the flow naturally like breastfeeding whether you use breast milk or formula. 

    • Soft Outer Nipple:

      Mimics the feel of the breast, allowing baby's tongue to stay in the same position as breastfeeding.

    • Patented Inner Nipple:

      By using both suction and compression motions, your baby is able to regulate the flow of milk unlike any other bottle.

    • Reduces Colic Symptoms:

      Breastflow is designed to help prevent colic. 88% of moms surveyed in an independent in-home bottle feeding research study said their babies experienced less gas or less spit-up or less fussiness.

    • BPA and Latex Free:

      Breastflow Bottles are BPA and Latex Free.


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