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Wood Deck Renewal Kit Intro

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Wood Deck Renewal Kit Features

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    • Easy Prep:

      Oxygen activated deep cleaning foam loosens and lifts dirt and discoloration in 10 minutes.

    • Safe for Plant Life:

      Contains no acids or chlorine bleach.

    • UV and Water Protection:

      Transparent Water Repellent minimizes cracking, splitting and warping and contains a UV blocking pigment that resists premature graying. It's also fortified with mildewcide to resist mildew growth on the coating film.


Wood Deck Renewal Kit Gallery

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Wood Deck Renewal Kit Instructions

  • Step 1 - Clean and Prep

    Mix Wood Cleaner & Coating Prep with lukewarm tap water until powder has completely dissolved. Solution will appear bright blue and turns clear when thoroughly mixed. Pre-wet surface with water then apply cleaner with a pump sprayer or brush. Allow to sit and foam for 10 minutes. Scrub surface with a stiff, short bristle brush using medium pressure.

    Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and let dry prior to applying Water Repellent Sealer.

  • Step 2 - Beautify and Protect

    Apply one liberal coat of Water Repellent Sealer using a short nap paint/stain pad (included in kit) working from end to end on a few boards at a time maintaining a wet edge. Back-brush drips, runs, or any surface puddles that could occur during application. Only one coat of Water Repellent Sealer is necessary. Allow to dry 24 hours before walking on deck and 72 hours before replacing furniture.



Wood Deck Renewal Kit Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Kit Contains:

      • 2 Gallons Transparent Water Repellent
      • 2 Pouches Cleaner and Coating Prep
      • Applicator Block and Pad
      • 2-12" Stir Sticks
      • Protective Gloves

      Other Supplies Needed:

      • Threaded broom handle
      • Stiff short bristle scrubbing brush
      • Natural bristle brush (if desired)
      • Pump sprayer (if desired)
      • Pail (to mix cleaner)
      • Paint tray
      • A pressure washer can also be used for a deeper clean

      Best For: Weathered unstained wood decks such as Pressure Treated, Cedar, Hickory, Poplar and more

      Kit Coverage: Up to 600 sq. ft.

      Dry to Touch: 1-2 Hours

      Dry to Use: 24 Hours

      Clean-Up: Water

      Application Conditions: Air temperature between 50°F and 90°F and no precipitation expected for 24 hours.

      Guarantee: 3 Year Performance Guarantee



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