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Eureka® Enviro Steamer® 313A Features

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    • Chemical-Free Steam Sanitizer:

      Sanitize hard floors with steam—no harsh chemicals needed.

    • Single-Step Cleaning:

      Add water and go—easily clean floors in a single step.

    • Add Water Indicator Light:

      Lights up to let you know when it's time to add more water.

    • Enviro Kit:

      Comes with funnel, measuring cup and an extra Magic Cloth.

    • Easy-Reach Design:

      Reaches under counters and into corners to sanitize the entire floor.

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    • Adjustable Handle with Cord Wrap:

      20 ft cord stores on adjustable telescopic handle for convenient storage.

    • Easy-Release Magic Cloth Holders:

      Machine washable magic cloth is held in place and easy to release.

    • 12.5 Inch Cleaning Path:

      Clean floors faster with a 12.5 inch wide cleaning path.


Eureka® Enviro Steamer® 313A Specs

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    • Full Features:

      Water Tank:

      Cord Length:
      Cleaning Path:

    •  No Chemicals, Single-Step Cleaning, Add Water Indicator Light, Easy-Reach Design, Adjustable Handle
      12 ounce
      2 Magic Cloths (#60978), Measuring Cup, Funnel 
      20 feet
      12.5 inches
      800 watts
      5.4 pounds


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