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Wallpaper Removal Kit Intro

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Wallpaper Removal Kit Features

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    • DIF Gel:

      A no drip, no mess enzyme based blue gel that clings to walls for long effective soaking to remove difficult wallpaper and adhesives. Safe, non-toxic and easy-to-apply spray bottle included.

    • PaperTiger® Scoring Tool:

      Perforates wallpaper, allows remover to penetrate to loosen wallpaper. Makes removal fast and easy.

    • PaperScraper­™ Wallpaper Remover and Wall Scraper:

      Unique designed tool with the perfect scraping angle to easily remove wallpaper without causing damage to the wall.


Wallpaper Removal Kit Instructions

  • Step 1 - Surface Preparation

    Score surface of wall with PaperTiger®. Only light pressure is needed. The more holes you make, the better the remover will penetrate.

  • Step 2 - Apply DIF Gel

    Spray to saturate wallpaper to dissolve old paste and loosen wallpaper, allow 15 minutes to fully penetrate wallpaper before going to step 3. Protect adjacent areas like floors and ceilings from overspray.

  • Step 3 - Remove Wallpaper

    Starting from corners and scrape off loose wallpaper with PaperScraper­™ holding it flat against the wall. To remove residual adhesive residue reapply DIF Gel and scrape with PaperScraper™. Rinse walls with clean water using the sponge.



Wallpaper Removal Kit Specs

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    • Kit Contains:

      • PaperTiger® Scoring Tool
      • PaperScraper™
      • 32 oz. DIF Gel Wallpaper Remover
      • Sponge

      Other Supplies Needed:

      • Drop Cloth – To protect flooring and furniture
      • Masking Tape – To protect adjacent area
      • 2 Gallon Pail – With warm water to clean sponge and remove residue from wall

      Best For: Traditional paper wallpapers, vinyl coated papers,
      solid vinyl wallpapers, foils, mylars, grasscloth, textiles and even painted wallpapers.

      Kit Coverage: Approximately 70 - 75 sq. ft.

      Clean-Up: Use DIF Gel to remove adhesive remnants, wipe down with warm water to remove any residue. Allow to fully dry before priming or painting.



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