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Glas Task Light Intro

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Glas Task Light Features

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    • Safe to the Touch:

      The light's classically-styled shade is cool to the touch. Powered by a high-end LED, the desk light gives off less heat than a traditional incandescent or halogen bulb. Even more, the LEDs used in the Energizer desk light never need replacing, making it a long-lasting, reliable light.

    • Stylish and Versatile:

      The beautifully contoured shade is adjustable -- providing directional light where it's needed most. With 250 lumens of light output, it provides the right amount of directional light.

    • Simple-Touch Light Control:

      Effortlessly switch between high and low settings through the convenient toggle switch on the base. This light delivers 250 lumens on the high setting and 125 lumens on the low setting.

    • A/C Powered:

      This classic light is A/C powered with a 66-inch power cord.

    • Thoughtfully Designed:
      • The base of the light houses the D/C to A/C conversion, eliminating the need for a bulky external power pack that tends to block A/C receptacles.
      • The smart technology also keeps the light from consuming electricity when turned off.


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