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Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Introduction

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Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Product Features

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    • Versatile Flexible Rubber Coating:

      Whether you are using it on metal or concrete, gutters or ductwork, LeakSeal provides a rubberized protective utility coating, designed for hundreds of uses and numerous surfaces.

    • Seals Leaks and Cracks Instantly:

      LeakSeal is an easy-to-use product, that goes on heavy, and actively builds to fill gaps, small holes and cracks, making it perfect for every toolbox, work shop, maintenance room and contractor van.

    • A Water-Tight Seal That Lasts:

      LeakSeal provides a water-tight, flexible seal that prevents moisture penetration, rust and corrosion. While LeakSeal creates a water-tight finish, it is not recommended for application on wet surfaces. The moisture will be trapped underneath the coating and could cause corrosion or bubbling of the coating.

    • Top Coat for a Fresh Look:

      With a smooth and flexible finish, LeakSeal offers the opportunity to cover over your sealed area to fit the look of the rest of your item or space. LeakSeal can be top-coated with solvent or water-based paint in typical re-coat times.

    • Stops Rust Formula for Superior Durability:

      Made with the Rust-Oleum Stops Rust formula, LeakSeal offers a tough, protective finish that resists fading, cracking, chipping and peeling.


Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Application

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    • Remove dirt and debris from area to be coated. Cover and mask off areas to avoid overspray, if necessary.

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    • Shake can vigorously for one minute after mixing ball begins to rattle. Shake often during use. If mixing ball fails to rattle, do not strike can. Contact Rust-Oleum.

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    • A test spray on cardboard is recommended to obtain feel for spray pattern.

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    • Spray surface in short, even strokes. Hold can 8"-18" from surface. It is recommended to apply a light first coat. The second coat can be applied heavier. Quicker build-up can be achieved by moving nozzle closer in to gap.

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    • Initial spray may have some foaming/bubbling on the surface, but will dissipate as coating dries.

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    • For best results, and dependent on gap size, apply at least two coats. Allow to dry 15-30 minutes before coats. Dries to the touch in two hours and cures in 24 hours.

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    • Top-Coating Tip: Based on 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity, can be top-coated with latex-based or oil-based paints after 24 hours. Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may increase dry times.

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    • Clogging Tip: After use, turn can upside down and press spray nozzle until spray is clear to prevent clogging. If valve clogs, twist and pull off spray tip and rinse it in a solvent such as mineral spirits. Do not stick a pin or other objects into the stem.

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    • CLEAN-UP TIP: Wipe tip off before storing. Clean up wet or dry coating with Xylol or mineral spirits. Throw away empty can in trash pick-up. Do not burn or place in home trash compactor.


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