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Talbott Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O Technology Features

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    • Touch2O Technology:

      Simply touch anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water.

      The handle (used to adjust the flow rate and temperature) must be in the "On" position to activate Touch2O Technology.

    • No Electrical Wiring Necessary:

      Talbott with Touch2O Technology operates on four AA-size batteries (included in the box).  There is no electrical wiring necessary.

      The LED light on the base of the faucet indicates blue when the touch feature is activated.  If the handle is on, water will flow.  If the handle is off, simply tap the spout or handle to turn off the light.

      Ordinary AA-size batteries will last up to two years with standard use of the faucet.

      When the battery life begins to expire, the LED will start blinking red.  After a period of tiem if the batteries have not been changed, the touch feature will not operate and the faucet can only be operated manually.

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    • DIAMOND Seal Technology (Leak-Free):

      The threat of leaks is all but eliminated thanks to the exclusive one-piece supply lines, DIAMOND™ valve and no dynamic seals.

    • DIAMOND Seal Technology (Lead-Free):

      Once inside the faucet, water is not in contact with potential metal contaminents.

    • DIAMOND Seal Technology (Longer Lasting):

      Delta's DIAMOND™ Seal Technology is forever.  Our integrated valve and PEX waterways are built to last up to 10 times longer than the industry standard*.

      * Industry standard based on ASME 112.18.1 of 500,000 cycles.

    • DIAMOND Seal Technology (Less Hassle):

      All the parts needed for installation are in the box.  All you add is a wrench and screwdriver.  No risers required.  DURAMOUNT™ mounting system provides durable, fast and corrosion resistant installation.

      32" integrated InnoFlex PEX™ waterways below the deck save the cost of additional supply lines.

      Red and blue indicators on the supply lines make it easy to identify hot and cold supply lines.

    • 1 or 3-Hole Installation:

      Easy installation on a 1 or 3-hole sink configuration:

      • 1-Hole Installation = Faucet without escutcheon
      • 3-Hole Installation = Faucet with escutcheon
    • Delta Electronic Faucet and Finish Warranty:

      All parts and finishes of the Delta faucet are warranted to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years.


Talbott Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O Technology Gallery

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Talbott Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O Technology Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Faucet Finish:

    • Brilliance® Stainless

  • Specification 2

    • Number of Holes for Installation:

    • 1 or 3-Hole Installation (May Be Installed With or Without Optional Deck Plate)

  • Specification 3

    • Touch2O Technology:

    •  Yes - Tap Anywhere On The Spout Or Handle To Start Or Stop The Flow Of Water

  • Specification 4

    • DIAMOND™ Seal Technology:

    • Yes

  • Specification 5

    • Supply Lines Included:

    • Yes - 32" Integrated Supply Lines Included

  • Specification 6

    • Optional Base Plate Included:

    • Yes

  • Specification 7

    • Warranty:

    • 5-Year Electronic Faucet Limited Warranty


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