Americana Building - Americana Aluma Vent VE Product Demo

Americana Aluma Vent VE Intro

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Americana Aluma Vent VE Features

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    • Arm bar support:
      • The arm bars that hold up the awning are adjustable.
      • Allows you to increase or decrease the angle of the awning
      • Giving you more protection when you need it!
    • Air ventilation:
      • Valanced sides keep air flowing to prevent heat build up.
      • Reducing heat gain through windows by 65-75%.
      • Adds color and beauty to your home.
    • Structurally Sound:
      • Our roof panels are clip on.
      • Allows for easy installation.
      • Eliminates noise from rattling parts in the wind.
    • Color Option:
      • You can have a solid pan color.


      • You can specify striped pan colors.


Americana Aluma Vent VE Gallery

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Americana Aluma Vent VE Specs

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    • Projection:
      Distance from house.

      22" , 29" , 36" , 43" , 50" .

      Recommended 1/2 the height of the window.


      Other projections available for special orders.


      Must make sure awning does not project into path of foot traffic unless it is 6' 8" from the ground.

    • Width:
      From left to
      right of product.

      If going over window/door
      we try and add 1" - 2"
      width to fit wall braces that
      attach to structure.

      Custom width orders are available.

      Width ending in 1 or 6 not rocommended.



    • Height/Drop: 
      How far down the
      awning should come.

      Window: 1/2 height of the window.

      Door:       17" or 19" drop on a 43"/50" Projection.

      Window Sizes:
      22" , 24" , 26" , 36"

      Door Sizes:
      17" , 19"

      Call 1-888-442-2928 for other special orders available.


Americana Aluma Vent VE Installation Instructions

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