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Eureka® FilterAir® Bagless Upright 8871AZ Features

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    • Antimicrobial Dust Cup and Brushroll Bristles with On-Guard™:

      The dust cup and brushroll bristles found on this cleaner have been treated with On-Guard™, which contains an antimicrobial additive**. Silver ions are blended into the material used and form a barrier to inhibit the development of bacteria. The barrier protects the dust cup and the brushroll bristles, making them odor resistant while vacuuming.

      **IRGAGUARD B 7000 is an antimicrobial additive manufactured by Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. and added to the brushroll bristles. Biomaster 612 is an antimicrobial additive manufactured by Addmaster UK Ltd and is a registered trademark of Addmaster UK Ltd. Biomaster 612 is added to the filter basket and dirt tube within the dust cup assembly.

    • On/Off Brushroll Switch:

      The On/Off Brushroll picks up dust and allergens when vacuuming carpets and bare floors. Shut “Off” to disengage the brushroll when cleaning bare floors, and return to “On” to deep clean carpets.

    • Sealed HEPA Filtration System:

      The Eureka Sealed HEPA Filtration System gives you a cleaner home by ensuring virtually all of the dirt, debris and allergens you clean off your floor passes through the HEPA filter, which removes 99.97% of dust, dander and other allergens. During normal operation, no leaks occur and the air that exits your vacuum during exhaust is cleaner than before you vacuumed your floors.

    • WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology:

      WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power longer.

    • Dual Edge Kleeners®:

      Cleans to the very edge of baseboards where dirt and debris collects.

    • Flip-Bottom Dust Cup:

      Never touch debris again with the Flip-Bottom Dust Cup that makes disposal of dust, dirt and pet hair easy with one no-hassle quick flip.


Eureka® FilterAir® Bagless Upright 8871AZ Specs

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Eureka® FilterAir® Bagless Upright 8871AZ Maintenance

  • Each Use

    Empty dust cup after each use or when it reaches maximum fill line.

  • Each Use

    Clean the dirt cup filter by removing the DCF-21 filter from the cup and tapping against a garbage can or taking a brush and lightly brushing the filter to loosen the dirt. After dirt is loosened, rinse the washable DCF-21 filter and allow to completely air dry before replacing.

  • As Needed

    Clean brushroll to remove any debris such as hair or strings that have been vacuumed. By cleaning the brushroll it will help prolong the life the belt and help with dirt pick-up.

  • Every 6-12 Months

    Replace worn, cut or out of shape belt and filters. Excessively dirty filters will lead to motor noise, clogging and premature motor failure.

  • As Needed

    Wipe outer case with a dry soft cloth.


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