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Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Wind Tested

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Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Features

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    • Tunnel Design:
      • single-opening
      • continuous pole sleeve construction
      • linked inner and outer tents make for easy set up
    • Ultralight Materials:
      • Kerion 1200 outer tent fabric and 9mm poles
      • Supremely stable yet very lightweight tent
    • Ventilation System:
      • functions regardless of weather conditions
      • highly breathable and water repellent
      • inner tent door has a full no-see-um mesh panel covered with an equal sized, zipper-adjustable fabric panel, and the rear wall of the outer tent can be partially rolled up and guyed out for more venting options



Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Gallery

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Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Awards

  • Specification 1

    • The US-based American Alpine Institute presented its coveted Guides Choice Award to three Hilleberg tents, including the Nallo, saying “they are perfection in design.”

  • Specification 2

    • Three times the Nallo 2 has been rated Gear of the Year by the readers of Outdoor, Germany’s top outdoor magazine.

  • Specification 3

    • The UK’s Trail declared the Nallo 2 the winner of Britain’s Toughest Test of tents weighing under 5.5 lbs/2.5 kg, saying “This tent is just about perfect for most backpacking situations.”

  • Specification 4

    • When Norwegian outdoor magazine UTE tested 11 tents for field use, roominess, quality, weight and price, they awarded the Nallo 2 GT 2nd place¥– right behind the Nallo 2. Of the Nallo 2 GT, UTE wrote: “Plenty of room, low weight – recommended!”

  • Specification 5

    • The travel magazine De Kompass gave the Nallo GT Overall Test Winner.

  • Specification 6

    • The readers of Germany’s leading outdoor magazine, Outdoor, voted the Nallo 2 GT Gear of the Year.


Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Compare Nallo Models

  Nallo 2 GT Nallo 3 GT Nallo 4 GT
Minimum Weight 2.2kg / 4lbs 14oz 2.5kg / 5lbs 8oz 2.9kg / 6lbs 6oz
Packed Weight 2.7kg / 5lbs 15oz 2.9kg / 6lbs 6oz 3.4 kg / 7lbs 8oz
Inner Height 100 m/ 40in 105cm / 42in 115cm / 46in
Inner Tent Area 2.8m2 / 30.1ft2 3.4m2 / 36.6ft2 4.3m2 / 46.3ft2
Vestibule Area 2.2m2 23.7 ft2 2.7m2 29.1ft2 3.2m2 34.4ft2
Poles (9mm) 1x3.5, 2x260cm 1x120.1, 2x102.4in 1x328, 2x285cm 1x129.1, 2x112.2in 1x368, 2x328cm 1x144.9, 2x129.1in
Pegs 20 V-Pegs 20 V-Pegs 20 V-Pegs


Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 Person Tent Specs

  • * = Inner Tent Height

    Nallo 2 GT
    100 cm/40 in

    Nallo 3 GT
    105 cm/42 in

    Nallo 4 GT
    115 cm/46 in

  • Nallo 4 GT
  • Nallo 3 GT
  • Nallo 2 GT
  • Nallo GT


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