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Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter Features

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    • Good Balance, Easy Handling:

      Maximum traction and self-propelled action - 75% of the machine's weight rests on the cast iron drive wheel; knob tread for superior traction and stability

    • Choice of Sod Widths:

      Available in either 12” or 18” cutting widths.

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    • 4 Vibration Isolators:

      Four elastomeric handle isolators absorb and isolate vibration transmitted through the transmission case

    • Less Vibration:

       75% LESS VIBRATION!
      • Advanced Technology Vibration Isolation
      • Vibration Dampening Handle Support
      • 9" × 3-1/2" pneumatic rear caster wheel with lockout absorbs vibration and makes it easy to cut turf on curved landscapes

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    • Cast Iron Transmission Housing:

      Heavy-duty, built-to-last cast iron gearbox for durability and long-life for rental or commercial use.

    • Powerful Engines:

      Available with a 4-cycle Honda® GX160 or a 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engine.

    • Drive Wheel Lever/Engagement:

      Unlike competitive models, you can run the drive wheel without the cutter blade engaged

    • Pneumatic Rear Caster Wheel with Lock-out:

      Pneumatic rear caster wheel reduces turf compaction, and contributes to vibration isolation. Allows operator to more easily maneuver and perform contour cutting. Can be locked in place for straight-line cutting.

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    • Depth Setting Adjustment:

      Cutting depth indicator is more accessible to the operator; indicates cutting depths up to 2.5 inches

    • Knife Cutting Action:

      Knife cutting action travels up to 2" fore and aft 20 times per second for consistent cutting with less vibration.


Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter Models

  Honda® Engine Briggs & Stratton® Intek™
Engine 4-cycle Honda® GX160; recoil starter; on/off switch; low-oil alert 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™; recoil start; dual-air cleaner; low-tone muffler
Displacement 9.9 cu. in.
(163 cc)
12.5 cu. in.
(205 cc)
Fuel Capacity 0.82 gal. (3.1 L) 0.87 gal. (3.3 L)
Oil Capacity 0.61 qt. (0.58 L) 0.63 qt. (0.6 L)


Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter Specs

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    • Clutch





      Drive Wheel

    • Spring-loaded belt tightener

      V-belt engine to gear case; double roller chain to blade eccentric shaft; gears and roller chain to traction wheels; transmission has separate dog clutches to engage cutting blade and traction drive

      Oil splash in gear case

      Up to 135 ft./min. (41 m/min)

      (2) 8 in. (203 mm) diameter, knob-tread; rubber-vulcanized to cast-iron hubs

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    • Dimensions

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    • Cutting Width

      Cutting Thickness






      12 in. Model

      18 in. Model

    • 12 in. (205mm) or 18 in. (457mm)

      Adjustable to 2.5 in. (64 mm)

      25 in. (635 mm)

      53 in. (1,346 mm)

      40 in. (1,016 mm) 



      333 lbs. (151 kg)

      373 lbs. (169 kg)

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    • Warranty

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    • Warranty

    • 2 year limited warranty


Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter 360/Zoom

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Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter Gallery

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Ryan® Jr. Sod Cutter Accessories

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      Easily bury wire or tubing up to 5" deep with minimal turf disturbance.  The wire/tube puller is ideal for landscape lighting, irrigation systems and many other applications.

      0.75 in. (19 mm) diameter kit;
      1.25 in. (32 mm) diameter kit;
      1 to 5 in. (25 to 127 mm) deep

  • Specification 2


      Install cable and perform other trenching tasks easily and inexpensively.  Ideal for small to medium-sized trenching jobs.

      V-shape trench to 6 in. (152 mm) deep


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