Summer Infant - BabyZoom Video Monitor Product Demo

BabyZoom Video Monitor Intro

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BabyZoom Video Monitor Features

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    • BabyZoom Video Monitor:

      The BabyZoom Video Monitor has digital technology that means the best picture is achieved from the camera at all times with high quality sound and private reception, offering piece of mind while baby sleeps or moves around.

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    • Monitor:

      The monitor has a 6cm colour display screen and automatic black and white night vision for viewing.

    • Light Display:

      Sound activated light display to know when your baby is awake and making noise.

    • On/Off Button:

      One touch video on/off button for nighttime convenience.

    • Control Button:

      Simple toggle button to control the camera from parent unit.

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    • Camera:

      Remotely pan, tilt or zoom camera from parent unit for best view of baby.

    • Extra Cameras:

      The BabyZoom has the ability to add up to 3 extra cameras for multi room viewing.

    • Adaptor:

      Included with the BabyZoom is a UK and EU adaptor for universal use. As well as this there is an AV lead for TV connection, a belt clip for portability and a 10 hour rechargeable battery.


BabyZoom Video Monitor Inline Content

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