Eureka - Eureka® WhirlWind® Plus Bagless Upright 3279AZ Product Demo

Eureka® WhirlWind® Plus Bagless Upright 3279AZ Features

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    • Powerful 2-Stage Cyclonic Technology:

      2-Stage Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power longer and keeps large debris off the filter for less-mess cleaning.

    • Power Paw® with Riser Visor™:

      Power Paw® with exclusive Riser Visor™ removes dust, allergens and pet dander from upholstery and stairs.

    • HEPA Filter:

      Our HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home.

    • Flip-Bottom Dust Cup:

      Dispose of dust and dirt easily in one no-hassle quick flip.

    • 15 Inch Cleaning Path:

      Clean floors faster with a wide cleaning path.

    • Clear View Brushroll Window:

      The Clear View Brushroll Window allows you to see the brushroll in action on carpeted surfaces.

    • Multiple Height Adjustment:

      5-Setting height adjustments to clean all floor surfaces in the home.

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    • On-Board Tools:

      Easily clean hard-to-reach areas with on-board tools including the dusting brush, crevice tool and Power Paw®.

    • No-Tip Design:

      Clean stairs easily while the vacuum stays upright.


Eureka® WhirlWind® Plus Bagless Upright 3279AZ Specs

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Eureka® WhirlWind® Plus Bagless Upright 3279AZ Maintenance

  • Each Use

    Empty dust cup after each use or when it reaches maximum fill line.

  • Regularly

    Clean filter (DCF 21 Filter) regularly to maintain suction.

  • Monthly

    Clean brushroll monthly by removing any debris such as hair or strings that have been vacuumed.

  • Every 6-12 Months

    Replace worn, cut or out of shape belts (Ext-U Belt), and filters (DCF-21 Filter and HF-7 HEPA Filter). Excessively dirty filters will lead to motor noise, clogging and premature motor failure.

  • As Needed

    Wipe outer case with a dry soft cloth as needed.


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