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SMK9175ST Speed Oven Intro

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SMK9175ST Speed Oven Features

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    • Speed Cooking:

      Cooking food faster and more evenly has never been easier with Samsung’s use of convection and microwave technology. The microwave cooks your food from the inside while the convection or broil/grill elements work from the outside, sealing in flavor and cooking food fast. It's like having a toaster oven, wall convection oven, microwave and range hood—all in one.

    • Convenience:

      The SMK9175 offers amazing flexibility and convenience. With 200 pre-loaded recipes to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas or options. You can grill, bake, roast, brown, heat, cook and defrost—with just one oven. Simplify your meals with the oven that does it all.



    • Design:

      This all-in-one oven is designed for looks, performance and ease of use. The sleek hidden vent and stylish design, including a stainless steel interior, complement any kitchen. Speed Oven technology lets you bake, broil or roast fast. The two line display on the SMK9175ST guides you through selecting the perfect pre-programmed recipe for your meal, side dish, or snack.


SMK9175ST Speed Oven Specs

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    • Specifications

    • • 1600 Watts Convection

      • 900 Watts Grill

      • 950 Watts Cooking Power

      • 200 Built-In Recipes

      • 1.7 cu. ft. Oven Capacity

      • 300 CFM Ventilation System


    • • Three-Stage Programmable

      • 10 Power Levels

      • Two Instant Cook Options

      • MW Distribution Mechanism:
        Stirrer, Turntable

      • Auto Defrost/Reheat

      • Charcoal Vent Filter

  • Specification 2

    • Dimensions
      + Weight

    • Cavity Dimensions: (WxHxD)
        20 x 14 7⁄32" x 9 7⁄8"

      Unit Net Dimensions: (WxHxD)
        29 7⁄8" x 16 1⁄2" x 15 15⁄32"

    •  Product Weight:
        71 lbs/ 32 kg

      Shipping Weight:
        75 lbs/34.1 kg

  • Specification 3

    • Warranty

    • • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor

    • • Ten (10) Years Parts on Magnetron


SMK9175ST Speed Oven 360/Zoom

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