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Fijit Friends™ Interactive Figure Meet Your Fijit Friends

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    • Sweetie-Pie Serafina:

      This little lady has the biggest heart, loves to talk and wants to hear everything you have to say. She adores all things girl: fashion, make-up, jewellry and going to the shopping centre!

    • Serafina's Favourites!:

      Hobbies: Singing
      Subject: History
      Movies: Romantic Comedies
      Music: All pop, all the time
      Food: Pizza

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    • Trend-Setting Willa:

      This trendista likes to spice things up. She is devoted to fashion and up on all the latest trends, including the hippest slang and the coolest phrases. Plus she's a natural-born leader!

    • Willa's Favourites!:

      Hobbies: Designing Clothes
      Subject: Art
      Movies: Comedies
      Music: Anything she can bust a move to!
      Food: Anything spicy!


Fijit Friends™ Interactive Figure Gallery

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Fijit Friends™ Interactive Figure Features

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    • How To Talk To Your Fijit Friend™:

      • Wait for her belly to be lit, then speak clearly and speak up! Please don't hurt her feelings by yelling at her or mumbling.

      • Make sure there isn't a lot of background noise when you're chatting… she wants to be able to focus on you without distraction!

      • She also responds best to what you're saying when you're 1-2 feet away (30-60 cm)… but don't forget to hug and tickle her now and then!

      • Chat with her as you would any friend… you should naturally come across keywords that cause her to respond. However, if you need a little help, be sure to check out the cheat sheet below.

      *Replace batteries included with 5 new alkaline batteries.

    • Chats, Jokes, but Never Argues!:

      Your Fijit Friend™ recognizes over 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases. That means that when you talk, she listens… and answers! So tell her what your thinking, feeling and what you want to do… your BFF can't wait to hear!

      Your Fijit Friend™ also tells funny jokes that'll make you laugh out loud. Oh, and she also has lots of sound effects… just because she thinks they're funny!

    • Dances, Jams, and Always Shares!:

      Your Fijit Friend™ detects the beat of any external music you play and dances to it! When she hears a tune, she identifies the music beat and adjusts her dance timing to match. So it doesn't matter if you're a fan of rock, pop or even opera, your Fijit Friend™ loves it all and is ready to groove to it with her hilariously fidgety body!

      Your Fijit Friend™ also has her own favourite tunes! She contains music of her own that she is excited to share with you… so are you ready to show off your best moves?

    • Squishes and Lights-Up Your World!:

      Your Fijit Friend™ has a uniquely soft and squishy body, just made for hugging and tickling! The elastic quality of her skin makes her movements look natural… and fidgety! And, maybe best of all, her colourful face is bright and lights-up when she's interacting with you… so you know she's engaged and ready for whatever you want to do!

    • A Bundle of Cuteness:

      Your Fijit Friend™ is 8.6 inches tall and weighs just 1.6 pounds... which makes her the perfect friend to carry and cuddle!

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    • Your Fijit Friend™ is sooo excited to hear...:

      "Tell me a Joke"
      "Chat with Me"
      "Dance with Me"

    • Or when she asks about the weather, tell her it's...:


    • And when she asks what you're up to, say...:

      "Going to..."

    • And she may ask how you're feeling! Are you...?:



Fijit Friends™ Interactive Figure Product Details

  • Specification 1

    • Fijit Friends™ Interactive Figure

      The 5 "AA" "try me" batteries included inside your Fijit Friend upon opening are for demonstration purposes only. Please remove these batteries and replace with 5 new AA batteries so your Fijit Friend is ready to interact with you at optimal performance. A quick reference card is included with your Fijit Friend which highlights key phrases to use when interacting with it. The Fijit Friend only recognises these key words and phrases and must only be spoken when the belly light is on. Detailed instructions can also be found inside the instructional manual.

      A girl's interactive best friend! Fijit Friends™ are the only robotic friends who perform lifelike dance moves. Girls can poke 'em, squeeze 'em or play their own music to turn them into dancing machines! Fijit Friends™ perform different moves depending on the type of song and can recognise the girl's voice and tell funny jokes. They're full of surprises and totally unpredictable!

  • Specification 2

    • Batteries: AA (5)
      Batteries Included: Replace "Try Me" batteries upon opening
      Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.87 x 10.5 inches (HxWxL)
      Weight: 1.907 lbs.
      Age grading:  6+


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